Chicken Burgers

July 4, 2008
By Saumya Choudhury, New Delhi, ZZ

I'm standing outside a buffet and I'm overweight. I see swarms of men and women walk right into that buffet and buy some delicious garlic sausages and hamburgers. But I'm caught up in a sin- the sin of being overweight. As I stand here all alone, on this hot summer afternoon, I feel like forgetting that my T-shirt size is not available in the market and rushing over to that buffet.

While standing here in utter confusion, the thick smoke from the vendor seeps right into my nose, making things even tougher. Like all previous times, I promise that this will be the last time I'd ever eat any 'calorie-stuffed' food as my feet restlessly move towards the buffet. I order some chicken burger with extra cheese and pour some ketchup onto it. I take a big bite and it feels so great that I just can't describe it. The taste of that super-delicious burger takes away with it all my woes and complanits from the world.

But as I complete my burger, I'm awash with regret and fear. It feels just like a murderer trying to hide this criminal act from himself. I want to turn back time and go back to the past to stop myself from eating the burger, for I know the consequences. In school, I'd be called an elephant and laughed at mercilessly. I'd sit alone somewhere in a corner, all day long with the fear of being mocked for being FAT. I'd be made to cry and weep over something i'm not responsible for. And all because I couldn't stop myself from eating a CHICKEN BURGER!

I lower my head in shame and burst into tears. People move about, behaving as if I were invisible. I want to feel a hand over my shoulder- to tell me that I'm beautiful whatsoever. But that hand never comes. WHY CAN'T THEY TAKE ME AS I AM RATHER THAN LAUGHING AT MY FAT LEGS !?!? I want to be like all of you. I want to be treated like a 'human being'. But I know I cannot. I feel so rejected and unhappy. Among these many people, I still feel all alone.

I see how ugly I am in these tears who are the only ones who have always given me company.

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sristy said...
on Aug. 10 2008 at 5:33 am
Great work!

well done girl...

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