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July 2, 2008
By Madelyn Roseen, Montrose, MN

Welcome to my guide to time witches. Just to clarify, yes, I am a time witch.

Alright, so what is a time witch, you may ask. Well, the name sort of says it all. We are protectors, we save all from falling apart.
It is our job to protect time. we can manipulate time, freeze people in time, and we know what is going to happen before it happens (most of the time)

There are two types of time witches and I use the term witch, loosely

The first type is one that I will never ever be. I call them fun wreckers. You see, these time witches must follow every rule, otherwise they suffer great pain. These rules are said to help time witches find a purpose.

Me, I am the other kind. We call ourselves the freelance time witches. As I am sure you guessed by the name, we follow no rules and have fun.

There is a downside, though, I have to protect the timestream.

You see, every millenium, a time witch is chosen to protect a time stream. It is no walk in the park, believe me. When people mess with time I have to fix it or I end up with huge unbearable migranes.

Time witches are immortal but can be within the brink of death for eternity. There is one thing that can defeat a time witch and I may be killed for mentioning it. There is an ancient potion hidden beyond mortal reach that can wipe out a time witch instantly.

Time witches have a physical trait that stands out. All time witches are born with an abnormally short toe on one or another foot. I have them on both, which is believed to be a sign of a time witch destined to make history

Time witches are typically born by magic before their biological parents, due to the long lifetimes. Honestly, we are very tricky and you need to approach us with extreme caution.

Time witches will not hurt you, unless you mess with the future or time itself

Due to immortality, each time witch has their own unique death date and when that day comes, they are assigned to a job for the rest of eternity.

Me, I am destined to be the angel of death, others are destined to be the angel of destiny or cleaners or more

(inspired by TV show Charmed)

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