A sunset

A sunset. To you its just another day passing by, but to some it is a reward, a painting of perfection, beauty, and life. The sky is an array of magma intense orange, magenta pink, and the red of a spider lily. The nights dress sneaks over the sky and her stars are that of her jewelry, diamonds, sapphires and any precious gem in this world. The threads of blue and midnight black sow themselves across the sky, chasing the reds and golds of the suns previous rule. Then the night sky dances, its beauty sparkling the earth below, rousing the creatures in there dens. The fireflies twinkle like the earths own stars and the sky is bathed in the moons spotlight. As the night dances and natures chorus brings its lullaby of music. The crickets sing and the buzz of the insects and their instruments. And the lights of the fireflies erupt the ground in beauty. Then as the moon slips through the sky, the air is filled with the dreams of those sleeping in the world below. This is a sunset and the beginning of nights beauty.

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