The Engagement

July 31, 2012
By Golfgirl BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
Golfgirl BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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For most of us life is the same. We grow up having a normal childhood with loving parents, we go to college, get a job, fall in love get married have a family and live long happy lives. For me that wasn’t the life I lived. Sure I had a normal childhood but I never got to go to college or live a long happy life. This is my story of my death.

I was in my senior year of high school and it was two months before graduation. I was happy with my high school experience. I ran track and cross country all four years, I took advanced classes but was not considered a nerd and had never gotten detention. Also in high school I had quite a few boyfriends but nothing I would call serious, and I was friends with almost every one. I was excited to be going on to college.

One day after school I was walking out to my car when Randy Smith walked up beside me. Randy was also a senior but had only been here for about three months. I had never talked to him before this, but had always found him attractive.
“Hey, Molly”
“Hey, Randy what‘s up?”
“I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out with me tonight?”
“I’d love to”
“Great, I’ll pick you up at six”
Randy walked away with the biggest smile I had ever seen on a person.

That night I got ready for my date. I was nervous like I am before every date. My dad has a habit of magically showing up when my date knocks so he can answer the door and scare my date. Thankfully my mom and dad were out at dinner with some friends. As six o’ clock neared I put the final touches on my casual/slightly dressy outfit. At exactly six Randy knocked on the door.
“ I like a guy who is punctual” I said locking the door.
“ I thought you might. Ready?”
“ Yep, where are we going?”
“ To any fast food place you would like.” Randy said laughing when he saw my face, “no we’re going to Olive Garden, if that’s okay?”
“ A gentleman who is punctual and polite, I must be dreaming.” I said in fake shock.
“ I know hard to believe” Randy said pulling out on to the highway. A few minutes passed in silence, I finally broke down and blurted out the most pressing question I had for him.
“Why did you ask me out?” It seemed like an eternity before he answered, but it was only a few seconds.
“ Well for starters you are beautiful, smart, and funny. Also I just wanted to get to know you. If you are asking my why I asked you out now, well that is because I wanted to get to know you before you went off to college” I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open, speechless. No guy I had ever gone out with was punctual, a perfect gentleman, and had told me exactly why they were going out with me before we even got to the restaurant. I knew this was going to be the best date ever.

Later that night Randy was wwalkinge up to my front porch.
“ Thank you for the best date ever.” I couldn’t stop smiling.
“ Your welcome I hope we get to go on another one even better than this.” Randy was smiling just as big as I was.
“ Me too” I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek, whispered goodnight and went inside. I peeked out the window as soon as I went inside. Randy stood outside staring at the door in a daze for a full minute before he got in his car and drove away.

Over the next few days Randy and I began talking in school. He was walking me to my classes and driving me to and from school. Within a week we were officially dating and word was spreading through the school ( I had been single for awhile). Randy and I studied for our final exams together during the week, and went out on the weekends. I was happier than I had ever been before. During the next two months I took and passed my exams and was counting the days till I graduated so I could spend my summer with Randy before we went off to college.

On the night before graduation Randy was taking me out for a special meal to celebrate us graduating. We ate dinner at a fancier place than usual, and afterward went to our favorite place to go and talk. Our favorite place was a lookout over the city from the side of a mountain. We usually go every weekend just to talk. We were both excited for tomorrow.
“ I still can’t believe we are graduating tomorrow, soon we will be going off to college!” I was practically jumping for joy.
“ I know and I’m excited too but I think we need to talk about the future,” Randy had just opened up a topic that I had been trying to avoid. I started to object but Randy hushed me. “ I promise its nothing bad, we know we are going to the same college but I want to talk about our life after college. I love you and I want to be with you always. Molly will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Randy had gotten down on one knee. I was so happy I started crying.
“ YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!” I was so happy I began immediately planning my wedding in my head. Before I got to far I came back into reality. “ Randy, you don’t know how much I want to marry you but do you mind if we wait until after we get out of college and are on our feet” I was biting my lip thinking he was going to walk away after hearing that. I was surprised by his answer.
“ Of course I was actually going to suggest that myself.” Randy and I were both smiling we were so happy. This was the farthest we had ever gotten in talking about our future. We sat down and began discussing our future.
“Now I know this is a long way down the road but I want to let you know that you can decide anything you want for the wedding I will have no input on details unless you want me to” Randy surprised me again by saying this.
“I want you by my side helping me plan our wedding. Now onto our life after we are married. Cat or dog?”
“Dog” We laughed when we said this at the same time.
“ How many kids do you want?” I just assumed that Randy wanted kids. I couldn’t wait to start a family and become a mother.
“Zero” Randy stated clearly with a straight face.
“Wait is that just for the first couple of years” I was extremely confused.
“No that is for life.” Randy was looking at me like he couldn’t understand why that was so hard for me to understand.
“ But I want at least a couple of kids, I have always dreamed of becoming a mother.” I was started crying because I knew that Randy was dead set in knowing that he was never going to have kids. At that moment I knew that things were never going to work out, and I had to get out while I still could.
“ Randy, I can’t marry you anymore knowing things will never work out.” I got up and started walking toward the car. I was almost to the car when I was knocked to the ground by Randy. I rolled over onto my back and saw he had a crazy look in his eyes, and a large rock in his hands. I tried to get up but he pinned me to the ground. I was scared I had never seen Randy like this before. He raised the rock above my head and in the strangest voice I had ever heard said the last words I would ever hear.
Randy brought the rock down on my head. He hit me ten times before I died.

Now you know how I died. I never got to tell my parents about the engagement, I never got my diploma, I never went to college, and I never got married and had a family. All of that was taken away by a guy I thought I knew and loved.

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