Betrayal and Acceptance

July 1, 2008
By Sara Milewski, Riverview, MI

"Grandpa got married." My Mother blanky stated. My eyes bulged like I had just been stabbed. I wasn't sure if I was more upset with the fact that he didn't even invite us or that he actually had gotten married. What about Grandma? My Grandmother had been dead for years, but I still considered it betrayal. "To who?" I exclaimed the anger ringing clear in my voice. "A woman named Louise. They met in Florida." I could tell my Mother was avoiding my eyes. "So he just married her out of the blue?" I was practically yelling now. "No, they've been seeing each other for a....while." "How long is a while?" The sentence came out more harsh that intended. "Don't be angry with me, in fact, you shouldn't be angry at all. Go to your room and cool off." I sighed and stomped out of the room. I usually don't get upset like that. Our family connections have always been....strained. I didn't want some stranger coming and and ruining the delicate balance.

~~~~~~~~~~Three days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I think this is violating my freedom as an American." I mumbled, crossing my arms. My parents had literally forced me into the car, so we could head down to Ohio for the marriage celebration. "I don't understand what the problem is...." My brother said, his voice trailing off when he saw the glare I had directed at him. "Both of you be quiet." My Father said, quite flatly. This demand from my father ended the rest of the conversation for the entire drive.


My brother nudged me in the side with his elbow. "We're here." He said eerily, trying to pull off an imitation from the movie "Poltergeist". I shook my head, trying to rid myself of the drowsiness that had settled over me. When I opened my eyes I saw a shabby looking building with a sign hanging over the door, it read "Monte's Hall for ANY Occasion." "Looks like a real quality place." I thought to myself. When I stepped inside I was blasted with a rush of sound, glasses clinking, cook's shouting orders, the laugher of people. The place sounded like this circus, minus the wild animals. I spotted my Grandfather in the far left corner, laughing haughtily. He was slapping a tall, stiff looking man on the back. The unknown's man's lips twitched as if trying to form a smile. "OHHHH! You must be Ms.Cindy, well aren't you darlin'!" Said a woman's voice. Her voice was like the ring of a brass bell, with a comforting southern drawl. I almost gasped as I looked over at my Mother, or Ms.Cindy. THE WOMAN WAS PINCHING HER CHEEKS! My brother looked over at my face and started to laugh. Apparently I looked appauled. "Relax." My Father said out of the corner of his mouth. "I'm Lousie, but you can call me whatever you want, as long as you could say it in front of the Lord." She said while pointing to the sky. Now it was my Father's turn. "and you must be Mr.Joseph!" Louise exclaimed while rubbing my Father's bald head. Then something amazing happened. My Father smiled a real smile, not a fake upturning of the lups, an actual smile, the ones when you can see the crow's feet around his eyes. My parents ahd accepted her! WARMLY! I wouldn't give in. I was sticking up for Grandma. Louise shuffled over to my brother. "Lemme guess, You're little Joshua!" Louise said joyously. I couldn't help but laugh. My brother was fourteen at the time an hardly 'little'. Josh let out a nervous laugh and nodded 'yes'. Louise held her arms out for a hug, and Jush stumbled forward into the 'fluffy' woman's arms. "I can tell we;re gonna be real good pals." Louise said while patting Josh's back. Just when I thought Josh was going to suffocate, she let go. This was the moment I had been anticipating. This was the moment that I had to make sure that Louise knew that I didn't like her, and that I never would. That she is not my Grandma. "Well aren't you as cute as a button!" Louise said while pinching my nose. I grimaced. "Oh well now, what's the matter?" She asked. "Everything." I said boldly. She withdrew her hands for my face as if in shock. I'm pretty sure I had confused her by my behavior, she was probably thinking 'There is somethin' wrong with this child, doesn' want my love.'. At least, that was what I was hoping.

The rest of the evening went uneventfully. My Grandfather tried to talk to me but I stayed silent, he soon got the hint. My parents left me alone. My Mother said that if I wanted to ruin the party for myself, I could. Josh had made friends with the stiff mad from before's children. He had a son named Alec who was my age, but I made no effort to meet him. Louise didn't approach me again.


We were back home, it had been a week. My parents had talking to me about my attitude and I was now grounded. "I'm home." My Father called from downstairs. "I have the pictures." "OH! Let me see!" My mother said giddily. I waited untill everyone else had seen the pictures and then stole them for myself. While looking through them I noticed something different about My Grandfather. He was happy. He didn't have a gloomy aura surrouding hi,. I sighed, defeated. I had made a mistake. I shouldn't have been pushing Louise away. I should have accepted her into our family. I called my Grandpa that night. I apologized and then asked to talk to 'Grandma'. Louise's jovial voice came on the phone. "Hello?" She sounded hopeful. "Welcome to the family, Grandma."

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