After My Sisters Cut Their Hair

June 30, 2008
By Daniella Engel, Belchertown, MA

I stood on the ship feeling what could only be the feeling of a terrible sadness. My sisters, their hair cut off, their riches gone. The ebony knife so close to my own heart both seemed to call to each other, longing to be together in holy sacrifice and peace of being within the other. A bit of the sea seemed to come out of my eyes and I gasped for a breath I should never have taken.

And, oh, how he comes over to me! “Are you alright, dear sister?” he asked me. Oh my prince if only I could speak to you in a language only you could understand! Instead of the simple nodding that I must succumb to! He walks away so pleased, as if the fact I am without tongue means I am also without feelings.

But I am not dumb. Nor am I smart though. For I was reckless. It seems that recklessness and youth collide.

Oh they go now, off to sleep I suppose, to dream their dreams of forever being together, while it is not enough during the day that they are together. He waved to me as did she, the Princess. She looked at him fondly or perhaps lovingly. The love that I felt was it not the same as hers? Am I not also a Princess? Did we not dream the same dream?

But I had never dreamed, until I was human. I suppose as a mermaid I could have dreamed but they were all day dreams, as humans call them. For mermaids do not sleep nor do we, they, have any concept of night or day. Everything is dark and glowing, but never bright then dark. Time is of no concern we, they, live forever. As I could have…

No he comes to me and kisses my face to say his good night. I clutch at his arm, if only he could hear my eyes and the sea within them! He says farewell and leaves me. I am alone.

I am alone.


They sing, my poor sisters. I can hear them. They need me! They tell me I must only kill him to have back my shining tail. But no. No!


NO! I cried but perhaps it was just an echo that I heard because it could not have been my own voice. I cast the dagger into the sea, leaping without bending my knee, and I saw him come.

The water was all around me and I was sinking. He was there looking over the edge, he was crying. For me? No, he should not, I smiled.

I closed my eyes as the sea filled them and smiled again.

~ * ~

She was the one who saved me, and I did love her. I cannot believe that it could have been any other.

My hands, trembling, I am, disgusted!

The song, I can hear the song! Once more my love has returned?

Why must the brave die so young?
Should they not live another day?

I wish that I you could look into my eyes,
so you could see the sea that makes up mine.

Beautiful prince,
open your eyes.
Tell me a story of love requited,
and let it be our own.

If not the waves will bring us down
and I will not be able to save you for weeping.

Why must the brave die so young?
Should they not live another day?

I know I love you so.
And you will live for me…

~ * ~

There was a large cry as the prince jumped into the dark sea after his little mermaid, just as the Princess ended her song.


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