Almost Real

July 4, 2008
By Julianna Monday, Glendora, CA

On a stormy evening in England, a girl sat in her grandmother’s attic crying over a picture of a handsome dark haired man. This girl was called Louise Morris and the man in the picture was her father. There was a knock at the doorway; Louise sat motionless on the beat up hardwood floor.
“Grandma, how could he leave me with her?” Louise croaked while shaking her head.
Her grandmother sighed and replied, “Dear, God knows what is best. And for some reason…. It was best for your father and my son, to pass. You know, if I could I would take care of you myself.”
Louise stood up and ran into her grandmothers arms.
“I don’t believe she is my actual mother. I’ll never believe it!” Louise whispered, her hazel eyes spilling with tears.
Her grandmother squeezed her tightly and sat Louise in an old rocking chair. The old women walked slowly over to a bookshelf that was filled with dusty leather bound books. Using a wooden stool, she reached for a huge book on the very top shelf.
“What is it?” asked Louise after her grandmother had set the book in her lap.
“It was your father’s favorite book. But do not open it unless you really want to know who your mother is and who your father really was”
“But Grandmother, what is that supposed to mean?”
“No questions my dear. Just listen to what you’ve been told.” Her grandmother as walked out the door and down the stairs.
“What is this? ‘Area’ by Anonymous?” Louise thought, “And I can’t open it unless I want to know about my parents? I really do want to know about my mother but I thought I knew my father more than he knew himself!” Lousie's thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang and someone calling her name.
Louise ran down the stairs that lead to the second floor and to her guest bedroom. She recognized the voice of the one person she did not like in her life. Her “mother”, Tori.
“LOUISE!!!! Louise where are you?” screeched the most annoying woman in the world.
“Tori.” Louise gasped.
She quickly grabbed the book and ran into her room. Louise through her stuff in the closet and crawled under the bed with the book. And she held her breath as she heard the clip-chop of Tori’s high heeled shoes.
“LOUISE! Louise, if you don’t come out here this moment, you’ll be sorry!” Tori screamed.
“Told you, she’s not here!” Grandmother yelled.
Louise could feel fear in her eyes.
“I need to open the book!” She thought as the door flew open and slapped into the wall.
“LOUISE!!!!” Tori screamed at the top of her lungs.
Louise pulled the book open, and then there was a blinding flash of light.
“What’s going on?” Louise cried out loud frightened.
There was a slam and suddenly she was in the same spot she began. But now, the book was gone. Since, she didn’t hear Tori or her grandmother, Louise decided to get out from under the bed and see if there was anything that could explain the flash of light she had just seen.
“Hello?” Louise called out loud.

She looked around the room and saw black and white pictures on the wall that had not been there before. On the bedside table, there was a vase full of red roses that had just appeared. The room smelt like spring, with flowers in bloom but Louise had never remembered her grandmother’s house smelling this wonderful. Then she heard a creak of the stairs and took a couple steps back towards the closet where her childhood toys and where sher clothes where kept.

“Tom? Tom, is that you?” said a sweet sounding voice.

Tom was Louise’s father’s name. Held her hand to her mouth to keep her from screaming. She pulled herself into the closet and noticed that her clothes were gone. They had been replaced by gowns from the 1800’s!

“What are all these?” Louise asked herself in horror.

The voice rang again, “Tom come out here! You haven’t visited in weeks! I’ve missed you! Please come out!”

“Could this woman be talking about my father?”

“Tom is not humorous anymore! Come out this instant. I would like to hear about how Louise is doing.” The voice said sounding like it was in the room now.

Louise pushed the door her eyes filled with horror.
“I’m Louise.” She managed to say.
But when the two saw each other, they gasped! Louise thought she was looking in mirror but the women standing before her looked her father’s age. They both had the same wavy, dark brown hair and the same almond shaped hazel eyes. The only difference was, beside their age, was their height. The woman in the door way was tall, a lot taller than Louise could imaged she would be.
“Are you my mother?” Louise wondered aloud.
The women, still looking shocked said, “Yes. Your father has told me all about you.”
Louise felt safe but still a little scared at the same time. She took a step closer and asked, “So, you’re really my mother?”
“Yes, I am.”
“You didn’t want me?”
“I wanted to keep you here but your father insisted that you would go back with him. Louise, I love you so dearly, of I wanted you!” The women said with tears in her eyes.
“What’s your name?” Louise stammered.
“Eleanor Maryann Warwick.” She said and starred at Louise, “Where is your father?”
Louise looked at the ground because she could feel the tears coming into her eyes. She finally had found out who her real mother was and she wanted to know where dead father was.
“He….. Um…” Louise tried to finish her sentence butt she got to choked up. “He passed away on Thursday.”
Eleanor looked stunned.
“Are you okay?” Louise asked crying.
“I’ll be okay as long as you’re here. I love your father but I wish he would have told me he was sick. Now come out of here and let us go visit in the tea room.” Eleanor said calmly even though her heart was breaking into two.
Louise had been transported to the early 1800’s, where her parents meet and had her. Eleanor explained how she had met Louise’s father and made it clear that they were deeply in love. But Louise wanted to know more and more about the father she now thought she barely knew. So, she stayed in the home where she had grown up in modern times and now she would grow up in it in the past.

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haleymgoose said...
on Aug. 9 2008 at 10:25 pm
i loved this story! it was ditfferent than ur other stories, but i still loved it!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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