Red Rain

June 27, 2008
By Arin Jackubowski, Marathon, NY

Its wings were moving faster than the human eye could catch, the brilliant red streaks disappearing with every movement. Its beak just barely digging into the plastic flower as it set its small feet onto the stool. It made a sound, almost like a humming noise, as it flew from the feeder. The trees were bent over into an arch, shading the pathway that led into the field of flowers. The ground was cold, dead, but the winter season had not set yet, in fact, it was just blowing over. Spring had settled herself on the land, but with beauty, came fear. My hair blew around my angelic face, whipped around in the wind. Clouds began to rumble as I watched from my bedroom window. The sky turned black, the ground faded from color. As the first shock of red lightning flashed across the sky, the first spring rainfall poured down from the thundering clouds. The red light flashed through the falling water droplets, shinging through in the color of blood. Red rain...

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