The Bad Experiment

June 25, 2008
By Casious Owens, Edenton, NC

There once were five children, three girls and two boys. They loved to pretend they had superpowers. Every day they would go outside and play, but soon they noticed there was a fair coming in three days. Meanwhile, a mad scientist needed human DNA for his experiment and discovered the five little children.

Three days passed and the fair came. Of course the kids were playing and getting on rides, but they were unaware the scientist had been at the fair as well. He was not alone. In fact, he had his own people to kidnap the five children. The kids were taken to a laboratory for genetic modification. Little did they know the lab was in a freak show tent and there were lots of animals watching him as chained the kids up. Everything was going smoothly until the tigers made a sudden roar and the scientist going to see what was wrong with them put down the key to the chains. A little monkey picked them up and unlocked the kids so they could escape, but one of the boys knocked over the experiment table and everything fell crashing, breaking. Then, there was a sudden explosion. Smoke filled the air and the animals made they're way out of the tent. When the kids left they made an usual discovery. Meanwhile, the lab and everything in it was totally destroyed and the mad scientist and his minions were knocked unconscious.

After the lab cleared the kids tried to escape until the first little boy discovered he had a set of wings and the skills of a falcon. Then the girls realized they had tiger-like skin with the ability of a cheetah and could shoot powers. They also could climb anything. The other boy had the strength of an elephant and the sight of an eagle. So after discovering their new powers they thought it was going to be easy to escape, but the scientist also had powers and he was much bigger and stronger than they were. The kids did escape, but now had to stop the scientist.

The kids knew in order for the city to be saved they would have to save it. Since they all could fly, they flew after the creature and knew this fight might be there last. After bringing the beast to a place where no one could get hurt they began to attack the large beast.

"CHARGE!" the first boy screamed.

"Let's get him," the second boy said.

The girls used their animal ability to attack. They were kicking, scratching, and biting the beast, but their entire force fell, so with one roar from the beast it send the kids flying. The fight dragged on for a long time, but with the power of absorption the three girls were able to generate enough power to deliver a final blow. With a triple-beam attack the beast was defeated and restored to his normal body. He also was sent to jail for kidnapping. The kids all lived protecting the world from bad guys and still have time to play with each other.

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