Basketball Romance

June 25, 2008
By Za'kia Beasley, Edenton, NC

When they first meet, Mytasia pretends to be a boy so she can play basketball with the boys. But when she takes her hat off, they find out she's a girl. During the game she gets hurt. Later on Michael comes to Mytasia's house to apologize to Mytasia for giving her a sore on her face. The next day he asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes. They kiss. After they kiss Michael tells Mytasia to get on his bike because he said his dad drives his mom around in their car. They fight because Mytasia wants to ride her own bike.

Five years later she plays high school basketball and they ignore each other because Michael starts to see other girls. But they still have feelings for each other. The next year they go to a dance, but they don't go with each other. They still like or love each other because when they see each other dancing with different people they stare at each other while they are dancing.

Then go to college and play basketball against each other. Then they play in college basketball they end up getting back together and they have a baby.

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