June 23, 2008
By Emily allan, Scotsburn, ZZ

“ Tommy’s the name don’t were it out, “ I say as I swing the door open and come into the classroom.
“ We’ll hello Tommy please come in,” Said the snotty looking teacher.
“Class this is our new student …Tommy.”
” Wont you please tell us a little about yourself Tommy “
“ Why yes of course my name is Tommy Robert Louis, I was born in New York my parents wanted me to come to this school to learn more about beauty, that’s why we now live in Canada. They um think it’s beautiful here”
” Thank you Tommy you may now have a seat “. “ Class we are going to learn about science in my class let me tell you a few rules number one there will be no…” Before I new it lunch time came. I noticed a very cute girl. She was wearing a tank top and she had blue eyes and brown hair. Then I noticed something as I was eating my turkey sandwich. She was walking towards me. She came to grab a seat beside me. “ Hello, my names Libby” She said. “ Hi, I’m – “ She butted in “Your Tommy “ She had smooth hair did I say that yet? And her eye’s looked deep into me like she could see who I really was way deep down and the weird thing was this was the first time we had ever met.
” So, do you like it here? Or is it boring compared to New York? “
“ Actually I do like it here “ Now that your talking to me I thought to myself.
” HEY LIBB!” Yelled someone from behind us who just HAD to interrupt my talk with her. “ We’ll it was nice meeting you Tommy, we should talk again sometime”
Then she turns around and walks toward her friend then she and winks at me.
Then all of a sudden the whole day was gone just like that. So, I got onto the school buss and the buss took me back to my new home. “ Hey Tommy how’d YOUR first day go?” My 9-year-old sister Becky said glumly to me on the buss. “ Pretty good I made a new friend or at least I think I did”. I said. Then I said to my sister “ How did your first school day go?” “ Boring but there was this nice girl who came to talk to me she said her name was Delilah which I think is a nice name and I really like my teachers to Tommy there’s this nice pretty teacher named Miss. Lilly.”
Me and my sister walk into my front door and my dog Fredrick comes to lick my hand, I kneel down and pat him “ “ Hello, my honey’s how are my wonderful children?” Said my mom as she came in from shopping shortly after we came in. Then she kneels down to pat our dog. I started looking in the bags since I was little I always looked in the bags to see what my mom had brought us. Then when my sister was two she started to copy me and do it to. I say to my mother as I look up at her “ My day was ok mom “. Then my sister says, “ Mine was good to mom “. My dad wasn’t around anymore he was an alcoholic and my mom didn’t think he should be around my sister and me until he got help. So, she fought him in court and of course she won. He was to drunk or stoned or what ever to care about what happened. Then it was nighttime and as I did every night I sat down on my sisters bed and read her a story. Her favorite was “ Cinderella “ She had a big old-fashioned leather book that our grandmother had when she was a girl. Before my grandmother passed she requested that Becky have it.
“ Once upon a time, there lived near the capital city of a large kingdom a very worthy gentleman and his beautiful and amiable young wife. They loved each other tenderly, and they had not been wedded long before there was a pretty little girl baby in the nursery….” I started. I even made voices for the charters for my sister. She just loved it. And I hope that I never have to stop reading to my sister. But who am I kidding? One day she’s going to grow up and not need her big brother Tommy to read stories to her anymore. One day she’s going to have a family of her own and a child that she will love and read stories to every night.
“ They end, “ I say softly to my sister. And I notice that she’s asleep and way beyond being able to hear me. So, I slowly get up and pull up my sister’s blankets up to her neck her then I creep out the door and close it and then I head for bed. Then it’s morning again and the whole crazy cycle starts again to.
Fredrick licks my hand to wake me up. And he starts whining, “ Is it time to get up alreadyyyyy?” I say to him. He looks at me the way that tells me yes it’s time to get up. So, I spike my hair up. Oh ya I guess I did’ent tell you that I have a maw hawk. It’s wicked it’s bright red with yellow streaks in it. My older sister and my older brother helped me with it. They’re both off in collage. My sister Taylor moved with us to Canada but wanted to live in Halifax so that’s were she is and my brother Dominique moved to Montreal when he turned 19 and graduated that’s around the time we moved here in Nova Scotia. They’re both coming to visit this summer. And my brother just got a new girlfriend and he’s bringing her with him when he comes so that should be interesting. My sister has bin with the same guy for about two years now so she’s bringing him with her when she comes here. My sister’s boyfriends name is Edward, and my brother’s new Girlfriends name is paten. So, anyways I went down stares with Fredrick and mom had made us a pile of pancakes they were sitting on the table. Then beside the not yet filled plates were glasses of orange juice. “ Wow mom “ I say to her.
“ Looks delicious “. Then my sis says, “ Yes it looks yummy” “Thank you honeys, eat quickly the buss is coming soon! Im going to work now! Bye!“ Then I see her grab her handbag and a granola bar and then she’s out the door. My sister and me stuff all we can into our mouths before the buss comes. “ Come on Becky lets go. ” I say to her “ Ok Tommy I’m coming “ We go onto the buss and for some reason all of the juniors are staring at me. After like 10 minuets of this I just cant take it anymore so I say loud and clear “ What? What are you staring at me for!!?” Finally one kid sits beside me and guess who it was? You got it! It was non other then Libby. She says to me “ Hi Tommy, mind if I sit here? ” As if she didn’t even here me yelling. “ Go ahead “ I say. Then she says to me “ Tommy they’re um looking at you because A I’m sitting with you and B you talked to me at lunch”
“ Ya so, what’s the big deal with that? “ I say to her. She just looks at me and I melt the whole ride to school. I start on my way to school a guy who a looks about my age comes up to me. “ Hi, you’re the new guy Tommy right? “ Then I say “ Yes, why? “ “Hi Tommy, my names Jordan” “ Nice to meet you Jordan”
”You should come hang out with me and my friends sometime” He says. I look over at his friends. He and his friends look like the cool crowd of they school. There’s a bunch of girls around them and they look tough. The kind of guys you don’t want to mess with. “Ya sure” I say. “Ok how about today at lunch time?” Jordan says to me. “Ya, alright cool” Then he turns to leave but before he leaves I ask him something “Hey, Jordan can I ask you something?”
”Ya ok course Tommy” He looks over at his gang, they start to leave. “What’s the deal with that Libby girl?” He looks at me and says “ Lets just say she’s not like the other girls at this school she’s special…Unique you might say” I give him a weird look and say “Thank you Jordan”. Then I head off to first class. Then it’s lunchtime and that guy Jordan comes up to me while I’m sitting down.
“Hey Tommy!” He starts waving his hands up and down in they air because there are a lot of people in this school and the cafeteria is crammed up. “Jordan, I’m over here!” I yell to him. He finally finds me and says, “ Dude I’m going out for a smoke wanna come?” I smoke occasionally so I thought why not go.
So, we went out to the smoke spot near the school and of course his group was right there waiting for us. “So, Tommy let me introduce you to my friends, this is Fredreco ” Jordan says. And this big guy with piercings and a tattoo of a dragon and a big blingish necklace comes up to me and says “Hello, Tommy pleasure to meet you” I noticed he looked and sounded Italian. Then Jordan says “This is my brother drake” Fredreco backed away and this guy with a worried face, a face that looked like he didn’t want to be here came up to me and shaked my hand a little to fast. “This is Benny” Benny looked brave and tough, he had scars on him, which I’m guessing were from previous fights. “Benny is fredreco’s brother” and I guess that would explain why they looked so much alike. Same Italian look also had a tattoo but his was of a skull, same look of toughness. And then I noticed Libby coming up to the smoke spot with her friend the one that had interrupted our convo in the cafeteria and also another girl I did not recognize.
Jordan said “And last but definitely not least is Libby and her friends Vanessa and Lana”
Libby came up to us with confidence in her walk and so did her friends I noticed.
“Hey boys, what cha doing?” Said Libby. “Not much” we all seem to say at the same time. All of a sudden I noticed something.. Something weird.
Everyone’s teeth seemed to grow longer. Jordan’s teeth got longer to “ Tommy rember when I told you Libby’s different we’ll here’s the thing Tommy, were all different… were vampires” Then I get scared and I say “Are you guys going to eat me?” Then Jordan said “ No! Of course not Tommy. Were going to give you two weeks to decided something… That something is if you want to be one of our kind”. “No, I’m happy being human thanks”. Then Libby said “Come on Tommy just think about it were giving you two whole weeks. If you don’t want to be a vampire by that time we will never ever bug you again. Deal?” Then I say “Alright” But I only said it to get them to leave me alone. Two weeks went by super fast. A lot faster then what I thought it would. Tommy’s gang had bin hanging out with me but didn’t mention it till now. I was outside smoking. Ya I know, I know! I said I only smoked occasionally but do you have any idea what the stress of a group of vampires can do to a guy!?
So, Fredreco came up to me and said “So, Tommy what’s your decision?”
All of a sudden the whole group appears in front of me like the wind. “I’ve thought about it and….” Then Jordan says “Tommy we really need you, you see we picked you because we need another person in our gang…”
“Do it Jordan, go and turn me or whatever you call it,” I said.
Then Jordan said “You sure Tommy? Cuzz you do realize that once I turn you it’ ill be hard to turn you back into a human again if you ever want to be human again and you’ll only be HAFE vampire that’s what we are we’ll except for Benny here he’s a full vampire were proud of our Benny”. “JUST DO IT!!” I scream. And they did it. Now I roam they earth as hafe vampire and hafe human…. Come join the dark side with me I promise we’ll have ever so much fun.

Dedicated to all the vampires out there!

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This article has 2 comments.

Darren said...
on Aug. 14 2008 at 10:52 pm
Great story, Emily. Keep up the writing and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Fizzgig said...
on Aug. 10 2008 at 2:20 pm
I love this one! SO well written! Reads like a book!

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