Loneliness of indepenance- of a Boy becoming a Man

July 23, 2012
By David Iskhakov BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
David Iskhakov BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Once upon a time, in the old West, outback, where law of the land was settled in gun swinging, - was one man. Whose name everyone knew.
James Wise is the name which instilled fear, and respect but most importantly that name meant LAW.

The main guy name John Wise, was the towns sheriff and from this town to the next everyone knew of his righteousness, because not only was he the sheriff but he was a kind man also he is a family man, a man with a wife, sweet as an angel and the first to lend a helping hand also he have 3 young kids, mischievous as can be. John Wise was the Olden town west. Not only did he have a lot of friends but being a man of the law, he made quite a few enemies, but none as infamous as the Hilly back- Billy Marsh was another name everyone knew, but not for law abiding or for kindness, Cody Marsh was the leader of the Hilly back gang, and he had a bone to pick with James Wise- for not too long ago it was this very James Wise who, put Billy Marsh behind bars- and for quite a while too, 2 years- made him miss his gold robbing opportunity across town, costing him a pretty penny or two.- Infect every time Billy and his Gang seemed to be up to something there would be the Towns Sheriff- to stop him in his tracks- that is UNTIL tonight.

Tonight Billy and his Gang decided to ride out at midnight by the light of the moon to James Wise's house, and burn the whole thing down- why after midnight because the whole family would be asleep and Cody could really finally dispose of that no good Sheriff, disposing of James’s family as well, was just a bonus as far as Billy was concerned. So that night- Billy and his gang set fire to James Wise's house- and set out for a shoot-out- to make sure nobody got away- except what they didn’t realize was that James's 3 young kids- were over at the neighbor’s house- sleeping over with their friends. Why it was all the neighbors could do, but to hold back James’s Wises Oldest son, John from running in after the gang, swinging guns- but that night, you heard James's youngest child cries, lily rose- who would cry for 10 night in a row that hot summer.

So it was John Wise, who suddenly became the man of the family that night- not only did he loose his mother and father that summer- but he lost his remaing childhood- being a boy of 16, he had to learn, to take care of his brother and sister- but in the back of his mind layed one thing, and that thing was REVENAGE. You see John Wise was a product of his father, - he knew someday he would become the LAW. And so as he got a job, cleaning dirty tables after cowboys, and every day he took his younger siblings to school- he never got one image out of his head- the image of Billy- and his gang- riding out into the moonlight as his house- and his beloved mother and father went up in flames.

Finally, it is today of that John- sitting out on his horse- after months of tracking down the Hilly back gang- he was waiting, waiting for revenage, waiting for Billy- As Billy came out of the saloon- he came face to face with the man that murdered his family, with the man that in one night not only stole his family, but his childhood, forcing him to becoming a man, the anguish and loneness John felt all those years, longing for his parents, longing to be a kid, and having to grow up, having to do without, all boiled down to this moment- As guns started blasting and Billy jumped on his horse, John trailing him, you could tell the shoot-out really injured Billy- the other part of him- his gang were left in the dust- DEAD- and John was finally going to have his sweet revenage on a man who not only murdered his father but his sweet kind hearted mother. and As Billy fell of his horse and John came face to face, Billy pleading for mercy-

Johns life flashed before his eyes- the having to take care of his sibling, the life that his lived, and his RAGE boiled in him- until a funny thing happened, he saw the face of his mother- the kindness that she has shared- he saw how she loved him and his siblings, how the town loved her- and John decided to let Billy live, but not before making him swear to NEVER step foot in his town again- or he'd finish the job he left- for John Wise was not only his father’s Son- the man of Law and venagnce but also his Mothers- the kind good hearted boy he was raised to be, and so comes to the conclusion of our story- of John Wise- a boy who had to grow up- who had no choice but in the end overcame his loneliness of a lost childhood and became the man he is today- riding high on his horse, this old western towns SHERIF.

The author's comments:
this piece is about the loneliness of Indepandance, when a boy has to grow up and become a man- over coming fear and trials and tribulations, its a coming of age story- and the loneliness we may sometimes feel as the cause of it

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