June 26, 2008
By Kirsten McGuirk, Carl Junction, MO

I shall start my story with a question. It is a question that for over a thousand years has separated the good from the bad people. The good people have always been able to answer with perfect definition, grace, and confidence. And on the other hand, the bad people have not, not at all, and will never be able to answer without their pride and dignity slipping slowly away from them and putting themselves on the line between just and unjust. The question is at the same time at the start and the end of some souls. The question is: WHY? . But, at the same time what is just and not in this world. I have a friend who once said. " Their is no such life after death because death comes to soon and life is death on Earth!" Don't let that be your case go out into the big world, find your place, then sit down and calmly ask yourself, "Why?"

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