I Hate My Life Some Moments

June 25, 2008
By Clinesha Chesson, Edenton, NC

My name is Anastasia and I ran away from home because I don’t get along with my mother at all. Do you want to know what happened? It all started like this…

One stormy night my mom and I were fussing over who was going to do the dishes. I got tired of her Yip yapping, so I stomped my way up stairs and dashed in my room and slammed the door! I was pacing in my room back and forth until I got tired of it! I packed my bags and suck out my house through my window and got on the first train headed down to the city.

Once I got to the city I sat down on a bench and started thinking, “What would be the best place to go to runaway?” I thought about it and the first thing that popped up in my head was the SUBWAY!

I walked to the subway and brought a ticket to go to Brooklyn. Once I got on the car, there was nobody there. I told myself, “Good. Now I can have some peace and quiet.”

Suddenly, the train stopped and a stranger got in the car and sat beside me. I was SO scared I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether he was going to kill me or not and if I screamed nobody would hear me because it was just us two!

Out of nowhere this stranger started to talk to me about something nobody else knew but me. I tried to figure out how he knew all of this stuff that only I knew about, like how my mom and I always fought. Then something crazy happened; I turned my head and there was my mama talking to my dad about how much she really wanted a baby.

I knew it wasn’t real but it felt real. It showed me how much she really cared about me. I asked the stranger where we were and he told me he took me back in life before I was born. He said my mama always talked about having a little girl and how much she was going to love her.

“And now, here you are.”

“But,” I told the stranger, “I don’t feel that she loves me.”
He said, “Whether you know it or not, she loves you very much!”

I thought to myself maybe the stranger is right. She does really love me. I wanted to ask the stranger how he could know this.

When I turned my head to the stranger he was gone! Beside me was a train ticket to go home.

Once the train stopped back at my town I rushed off and I saw my mother standing right there waiting for me. I ran into her arms and we started to walk home. While we were on our way home we had a long talk and decided not to fuss with each other. From now on we would just talk through it!

I realized then the stranger was my guardian angel. He was just trying to help me see how much my mother loves me.

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