Seperated and Found

June 25, 2008
By Naria Turner, Edenton, NC

One day two beautiful Indian twins named Fire and Ice were born. On the same day they were born while they were held by their mother. She passed with one word to say, “Goodbye.” Now there poor father didn’t have enough money to support both children, so he put one up for adoption. That’s Ice.

As the girls got older, they didn’t know that they were separated, never mind that they had another them. Ice turned out to be a big time movie producer with a mansion and six cars at the age of nineteen, still looking for her immediate family.

On the other hand Fire took care of her sickly, close-to-death father. Since she was good at acting, she tried out for a part in one of Ice’s movies. When Fire got the part, she and Ice come to find out that they had a lot in common, including their parents after a DNA test. After there father’s death, they come closer more than they ever were, sticking together through life’s ups and downs.

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