Dark and Stormy Night

May 5, 2008
By Thaddeus Tuck, Elk City, KS

It was a dark and stormy night the students and teachers were trapped within the local high school. All accesses in and out of the school had transformed into solid concrete. The tension in the school was paramount as if some malevolent force was surrounding the school. They had been trapped for hours; they were all scared as to what was going on. They could hear the thunder roaring above the building getting closer and louder as the hours dwindled by.

Bill Frank was sitting on the stage of the auditorium trying to get a hold of his mother on his cell phone. He had dark skin, was very round, and was kind of a jock. He had been working on scenery when the transformation had sealed them within the school. A very lazy boy with a stick frame, who was very fragile, and was incredibly bland came up behind Bill and laid his hand on Bill’s shoulder. Bill jumped up and swung his fist at the boy who had startled him. He punched the boy square in the nose shattering it completely. The boy started wailing and crying, as Bill looked down on him pleased that he had hurt the boy. Bill said, “See Dave that is what ya’ll get for being a lazy bum.

Suddenly the sound of a door opening echoed out through the auditorium from the back of the stage. Bill and Dave heard a low menacing growl and the rapping of claws on the wooden stage. A werewolf just like out of the movies leapt on Dave who was bleeding profusely from his shattered nose. Bill stood transfixed as the werewolf ripped out Dave’s throat, blood gushed out of the corpse staining the stage a crimson red. As the werewolf finished devouring Dave’s corpse Bill ran for the door at the north end of the auditorium several hundred feet away from the stage.

As Bill ran the werewolf finished and looked up blood dripping from his gruesome mouth and saw Bill running. The werewolf in one mighty bound jumped the three hundred feet between Bill and himself. He slammed down on Bills back and with one mighty sweep of his claws he beheaded Bill. With one snap of the werewolf’s large jowls Bills head was swallowed. Instead of eating the rest of Bill’s body the werewolf tore the corpse apart spreading blood and gore across the entire auditorium even all over the ceiling. The werewolf exited through the door Bill had been so desperate to reach and entered into the foyer looking for more souls to devour.

Count Augustine walked through the werewolf’s door. “That Morgan is so stupid, he left the door open, anyone of these pathetic humans could have escaped.” With a snap of his fingers the door returned to solid concrete. He looked around the auditorium and smirked with a gruesome satisfaction as he exited through the door on stage right leading to the six hundred hall. He felt the electrifying pulse of the humans in the three rooms in front and to his left. He opened the double doors and felt the blood of everyone in the room run cold as his fangs extended. He leapt at Dylan with his dark dyed black shaped like an upside down bowl, brown eyes, and of moderate height. The count sank his fangs into the boy’s neck, draining the boy of his blood in only a couple of seconds.

With a snap of his fingers the rest of the people in the room lined up and in single file walked to their doom draining each and everyone of them of their crimson elixir. The victims of the count began to transform into vampires, with a flash of a sickly yellow light the transformation was complete. Count Augustine addressed his creations, “My children seek out the humans drain them of their blood, kill them if you like, but leave none alive!” With that the vampires swarmed out of the room as the count laughed maniacally seeking out their human prey.

Morgan had been having his fun with the humans as well; the offices were completely destroyed and covered in blood, guts, and gore. The trophy cases were shattered and filled with gore, the trophies scattered, broken, and covered in blood. He saw a boy with of moderate height and black bowl haircut come running out of the six hundred hall into the foyer. He was just about to jump at the boy when Count Augustine appeared between him and his prey. “Morgan don’t even think about attacking one of my children, or I’ll have a werewolf pelt adorning my mantle.” Morgan growled out, “What do you mean your children?” “I have turned several of the humans into vampires, so that I may expand my race.” “I will not let you become more powerful than me in the Master’s eyes.” Growled Morgan

Morgan dropped on all fours and ran down the three hundred hall going off from the foyer. He came to the library which was of humans. Morgan smashed through the glass doors entering into the library. With quick deadly precision Morgan bit every single one of the humans in the room. Suddenly the room was filled with a sickly green light as the humans transformed into werewolves. The werewolves left the library in search of more human prey.

Two hours later, and there only thirteen humans left in the entire school. These humans were captured and prepared to be sacrifices in a dark ritual to summon the Source. Meanwhile Morgan and Count Augustine constructed a large concrete altar in the center of the foyer; the altar was shaped like a giant hand with open claws, a thrown made of human bones was placed in the center of the hand. The sacrifices marched hypnotized up onto the palm and formed a circle around the thrown. They began to walk in a circle as Morgan and the Count chanted an ancient dark spell. The sacrifices began to glow with a dark violet light and then they streamed into pure light and struck the thrown.

The ground began to quake as a hole opened in the roof of the building and bolt of black lightning struck the thrown. When the light faded a tall blonde headed man set in the thrown, it was the devil, and the source of all evil, but he looked so ordinary. He may have looked ordinary, but his sapphire eyes held such malevolent intent and horrifying evil. All of the dark creatures bowed down before their master. The devil addressed his children, “Count Augustine, Morgan you have served me well. Now that I control the Earth’s nexus of power not even God can stop my reign over all the earth.”

The devil snapped his fingers and a pentagram appeared on the hand around the thrown. The roof of the school vanished entirely as the hand grew outwards and upwards. The devil waved his hand and four portals to the underworld opened in the sky above the school, four horsemen rode out of the portals to complete their ancient task. The horsemen eradicated the humans within the town and later the world. Because the Devil now had control over the earth’s nexus of power not even god himself would be able to interfere in his dark task. Count Augustine and Morgan bolstered their ranks and formed the new world order under their Master.

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