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July 16, 2012
He walked passed me, I stopped dead in my tracks. He walked under the street lights with his friends surrounding him. She walked up and kissed him. I stared at them kissing, I'm crushed. I started to cross the street, his friends watched me, they laughed, but I don't know at what. I hear the screech of the tires on the road cutting a corner to sharp. I look at the speeding car, I was the deer in the head lights. I looked at him dead in his eyes. The next thing I notice is that I'm laying on the cold hard ground in the dark. I feel the blood running from my mouth down my cheek and dripping to the road. I hear the sirens of the paramedics in the background coming closer. I look at him and she's in his arms, they are all looking at me, shocked. I'm crying, could it be the fact that I was played? No, it's the fact
hat I don't wanna die! But im laying here knowing that each breath I take is bring me one step closer to my death. I don't care anymore, as long as he is happy I can rest in peace. “I love you.” I whispered. I look into his eyes and he looked back, the paramedics arrived, but their too late. I closed my eyes and took my last breath. When I exhaled, it released my soul to the stars to live on forever.

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