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July 16, 2012
She grew. He grew. She talked. He talked. She pledged. He pledged. He grew. She grew. He grew.

He signed. He left. She cried, he cried, they cried. He fought. She wrote. He killed. She cried. He wrote. She cried. He returned, she smiled.

They hugged, they kissed. She promised, he promised, they promised. They bought. They moved.

He left, she cried. He wrote, she wrote. She bulged, she wrote. He laughed, she laughed. She nursed. He returned. She cried, he cried, he wailed, they cried. They nurtured.

He met, he met, she introduced. He left, she protected. He fought. She wrote. He fell. She received. She buried. She cried. She cried. She cried.

He withered. She cried and cried. She protected. She visited. She talked. He comforted. She cried.

She aged. She protected. He grew. She visited. He visited. He grew. She aged. He grew.

She caught, she coughed, she weakened, she worsened. He loved. He buried. She joined. They lay. They withered. They stayed.

He remained.

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