The Monster

June 15, 2012
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Sun was showing the earth in a golden glow bathing my walk with joy and beauty on the outer appearance everything seamed perfect like a Broadway stage before an important show but like theater mayhem was going on behind the curtain. My mind was flashing to half forgotten memories of the day before images of a hideous beast with long sharp fangs made for tearing and shredding they seemed to be made of ivory when they were in retirement but when it was time for them to perform their duty they were the color of a red rose. It also had long sharp claws it was as if the monster had knives on each finger and like knives they loved to taste flesh they would dig and dig and they wouldn’t stop even after the screams of there victim were auto able. But the worst part was the creatures mouth and upon it’s red lips there possessed the most evil thing... a smile it was cruel and twisted and the thing would stay there even when it’s ears heard the screams even when it’s eyes saw the pain the smile would still stay as a never ending sign of cruelty

Walking along this path I came across the place where I fist noticed the monster about a week ago. It was at this spot where my mom told me that I was a disappointment to her she wanted a daughter who was intelligent not like me it was here where she wished I was never born it was then that the monster appeared with swift suddenty but once it was there it was vicious it rapidly ripped at my soul I somehow managed to keep this beast hidden from my mother but I paid heavily for that choice and my suffering began. I was wounded from that moment on

I continued walking my mind wandered to when I meat the beast for a second time. It happened at school only a few days ago my partner for a project marched up to me mad and her anger only increased when she realised that I had not done all that she wanted me to and I agree I messed up I should of done more but what came next was the last thing I needed for it encouraged the monster. The screams the insult the put downs were like a dinner bell to the beast for it came not suddenly this time but with great speed like a romping lion and it was obvious by its smile that it wanted my soul for its self it wouldn’t let anyone else join in on the torment it is a very selfish creature. The beast was more ferocious this time and no matter what I did to south the animal it would not relax on the contrary it was out of control because this time it was not only me who got hurt but my friend as well and the torment continued past when I finally removed the monster from my friend and could keep it only attacking myself it would continue clawing and biting continuously but last night was the worse. The claws kept digging into my raw skin and its fangs tasted more of its own saliva then my blood. I finally decided to fight back I hit I punched I banged it into the wall so hard that the walls shook then I clawed at its flesh as deep as my claws could reach then I bit at it just like it had to me I tasted hair flesh and blood that night but overall it felt better for the beast finally went in its cage I showed it who was boss and who was in charge.

A light breeze was softly blowing from the trees they were whispering to the girl who was walking beneath them they seemed to be encouraging and being kind to the girl on the path she was covered in a light jacket with a hood which she was wearing and jeans with light make up she looked perfect and normal to the applauding leafy audience but beneath the curtain of her sleeves and hood held her mayhem her lush purple and royal blue bruises on her for head from hitting her head against the wall under her sleeves held her raw skin from the clawing from her claws and above them held her teeth marks they were deep so deep that her fangs still had the stains of her own blood but the smile was the worst part her smile was the camouflage for the monster within... waiting.

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