One Little Step

June 3, 2012
By , No Answer, TX
One little step, just one step to the left and it would all be over. It wouldn’t even hurt for very long. The truck was going fast enough it would only hurt for maybe a second or two. I only weight what, maybe a hundred pounds, if that. The driver wouldn’t have time to react, he would never be able to hit the brakes fast enough to avoid hitting me. Now’s my chance, they would think it was an accident, they would never have to know it was suicide. I can smell the stench of gasoline as the truck comes closer. I hear the engine rumbling and look up to see the truck driver. He’s a young fellow with a kind face. I can’t do this to him, he would go to jail. I can’t ruin someone else’s life just in order to end mine. I sigh and turn away from the road. I can’t send an innocent man to jail just because I hate this life. I’ll just have to wait.

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