A Story from Hell

July 9, 2012
By Anonymous

It's too dark in this town for my liking. It used to be bright and cheery, children actually played on swings and laughed for a while. We all worshipped our one God and he granted us tranquiltiy in exchange for naming Him our savior. But God couldn't save us when Nitro came. He abandoned us mortals and the world split in two. On my side we are hungry and cold yet happy and alive. While on the opposite side of the world they sin. The Earth is young but it has legends. God helps you across the trench if you believe but when you reach the other side...don't trust the animals. The stories say if you sin too much you turn into an animal. Gluttons into pigs and Pride into lions. So i stay in my chilly house with the lights off and ruins cluttered everywhere. Until the day that man stopped to look at my color screen. It was next to the big, red, metal horse who drinks the flammable liquids to keep him running. I would soon learn that his name was Nitro, and he would help me bring the light back to the world. The whole world.

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