Maji King

July 8, 2012
By , Clarksville, TN
There was once a great war that had occurred between a Maji, a person whom could control magic, and a cunning and smart normal human. No one knows how this war came to be but sadly the human king had won in a one on one match against both kings. After his win, he had all of the Maji's be killed for treason and the survivors were to be executed, with out his people knowing. He made them believe that the Maji's had been killed in an explosion, beyond his village walls. This village was later turned in to a town-like utopia named Yia.

My name is Tyler and I'm the only son to the great Maji king. I am currently the only Maji alive with the exception of my best friend, Luke, from when I was 9 and he was 10, and my protector, or knight as you may call her, Mai.

One day, as I was walking around by the Yia's walls, I was knocked unconscious by a guy who said his name was Shou, to be experimented on. I was then transported to a lab where I was constantly tested on. Two to three years later, I had some how managed to escape but I was shot in the arm. I ended up aimlessly wondering around an wealthy neighborhood, until a guy somewhat younger than me opened up his bedroom door, yelling, as it was storming. I managed to get up in to his room as he was about to close the door. "My name is Bird. And you are?"
"Catina, but everyone calls me Cat." He sees Tyler's bleeding arm and gasps. "You're hurt. Let me help you -"
"No, I'm fine."
"Yeah, you are. I'm going to go get the first aid kit, so, please just sit down on the chair behind you, and don't pick at your arm."
"..........You're a weird guy, Cat........" As he leaves his bedroom, Tyler looks around the room, before he comes back with a first aid kit, opening it up and taking out a shot with the antiseptic inside it.
"What is that for?!"
"Its antiseptic, it s to help numb the area before stitching"
"......You wont kill me, right?"
"Of course, I wont why would I?"
"I had entered your bedroom with out you noticing....."
"Sooooo, you were injured! Now take off your shirt so that I can stitch your wounds." He looks at me with a weird gleam in his brilliantly bright light brown eyes. Gulping, I say in an oddly horse voice, "You know what you are doing right?"
"I'm already a medic with a bachelors degree so I sorta deal with this all the time. I may not look like it but I'm only 48." He starts to stitch up Tyler's wound. "How old are you?
"19. You live here alone?"
"Nah, I got a wife and a daughter downstairs."
"How old?"
"She just turned 17 yesterday. How about you? Do you have a kid?"
"So, you're a Maji, right?"
".....Yes......Why do you ask?"
"My daughter is half-maji, but I am a full blooded one. Say, can you tell me your real name?" Finishes stitching up the wound and cuts the thread, letting
Tyler stands up. "No, it would bring you in to too much trouble. More then you're already in. You've already helped me enough." Sees that it had stopped raining and opens the door, jumping over the balcony effectively getting away.

The next month, the police come knocking on the door in the late morning. Cat opens the door with his wife and daughter standing behind him. "Can I help you, officer?"
"Are you Catina Yoki?"
"Yes, I am."
Cuffs Cats hands together before replying, "You're under arrest for helping harbor two Maji's." They get ready to take Cat away when his wife kicks him in the face, effectively letting go of Cat. The officer stumbles backwards as Cat and his family fly away using his wife's maji and their car. Cat sees that his daughter, Lexi, is on her knees scared and unlocks the hand cuffs, before comforting her. "Its alright, Lexi. I know a place that we can go to that'll keep us safe."
Cat's wife, Liv, asks, "Like where, Cat? We're already a wanted fugitive."
"You'll see. But for now, take us to the south side of the wall."
Liv does as she was told making their car turn to the south, as Lexi asks "Mom, are you and dad a Maji?"
"No, your dad is normal human that had kept me and the little known survivors of the massacre safe, during that time."
Cat joins in their conversation. "I was the only human on the Maji's king's side that had known him, not as a king, but as a friend. But, not even I could have predicted that he would die in an unfair battle."
Liv makes their car cross over the south side walls, before the gas runs out, making them free fall. Lexi looks out the window, screaming, as the car suddenly stops, as a guy with black-looking grey spiky hair that goes up to his shoulders and his bangs covering his right bright but dark blue eyes, dressed in a long sleeved black t-shirt, dark blue jeans and black and white laced tennis shoes, appears sitting in the back seat next to her. "Sheesh, I thought at least you would at least train your daughter, Cat." He snaps his fingers instantly making them materialize in front of a ruined castle walls, before getting out of the car as they do the same, staring at the castle. "Welcome to my home. As you've probably guessed I am Tyler, the only son to the late Maji king, also known as Bird to my friends."
Liv, Cat, and Lexi bow before Tyler. "Thank you for saving us, your highness."
"There is no need for formalities, they're such a pain in the ass. Please just call me Tyler, or bird if you wish, and treat me like you would a family member." Tyler sees a light brown haired and green eyed kid almost his age walking towards him. "Lucke, how are the plans going?"
"Mai said that we can start when ever you'd like, Tyler."
Tyler turns his attention back to Cat's family. "Right now, we are currently planning to destroy the Utopia walls, so that the people can go out and explore the world. Right the king wont let anyone in the inside leave the walls or the people outside the walls come in to the utopia. In exchange for letting you stay here, can I count on you to help?"
The three look at each other, nodding their heads. "Yes."
"Good, we'll start the first attack tonight at midnight. Lucke, if you don't mind, show them around the place." Walks away as Lucke shows Cat, Liv, and Lexi around the castle

Later that day, at midnight. The human king wakes up to hear the battle screams of his and Tyler's solders inside his palace walls. Quickly grabs his sword and shield, getting ready to flee his palace all the while killing his own and Tyler's solders. Reaches the secret door that leads underground and sighs in relief, thinking, 'Good, now I can escape before any others get in my way.'
Tyler materializes in front of the king and takes out the king's heart. "You should be ashamed of yourself. You didn't even realize that your actions and thoughts were broadcasted to the whole world." He directs his attention back to the magical camera, showing his face to the whole world. "People of the world, I bring you the news that your king is dead, and was an improper king. He ordered the kill of the Maji's made it look like a explosion and battled my father, the Maji king, on uneven terms. I may be person to take over this palace, but, I don't want to be a king. But, Catina Yoki, should be. He is a kind person and had helped give hope to those survivors. He was also by my father's side not as his knight, but his best friend. I herby announce Catina Yoki as your king," Hears the happy cheers of the people and holds up his hand, silencing them. "If he wants to be one, that is." He holds out the crown as Cat walks up to Tyler, his family following behind. He lets Tyler put the crown on to his head, and smiles at the camera. "I am herby your king., and as such, my first order is that we tear down the walls, together, so, that you may go any where we wish."

A couple months later, everybody has helped tear down Utopia Yaia's walls as a team and peace has started to started to sink in to the lands in the form of kindness and teamwork. Maji's and humans have now started to understand one an other and decided to build a school, police force, and form jobs for both Maji's and humans together.

My name is Catina Yoki and I'm the king of the world. I'm not a dictator or a Maji, I'm just a normal human, just like every one else, wither they be a Maji or a mutant.

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