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One Moonlit Night

July 1, 2012
By writingwithmoonlight SILVER, Olney, Maryland
writingwithmoonlight SILVER, Olney, Maryland
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Today is a smooth whote shell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours.

The Earth was still. There was no cool wind blowing through the warm summer night. The only things that could be heard were the insects of the night, playing their beautifully complex symphony of sound that rang out through the night. Suddenly a crunch in the grass alerted the animals to scatter. An old man had appeared. His dark brown, leathery face told the story of his life; how much laughter and joy that the man had experienced in his time on this world. He rested his aching joints upon the soft grass and looked up at the stars, suspended in the night sky. The old man only lifted his head when he heard a rustle in the bushes, to find another human had joined him. A woman, worn with age but still beautiful, had appeared. The only way you could see her features were the fireflies that were dancing around them, like shining stars, illuminating her face. Her long silky black hair framed her slender, aged face. She had a smile that when you saw it your entire body seemed to become warm just because of love in it. The woman seemed to be able to greet the man with that single smile. She joined him on the soft bed of grass, their bodies’ inches away from one another. Only the sound of chirping crickets filled the air until the old man leaned over to the old woman and whispered, “The stars shine brighter when we are together.” And so the two lovers sat there somehow growing younger as the hours passed by. It seem like the moment would last forever, because for it was just them the moon and the stars.

The author's comments:
So since this is my first piece I'm publishing on Teen Ink, I thought it would be appropriate to do my first piece I wrote in my creative writing class I took my Sophomore year of High School. It was one of the first pieces I was really proud of. I hope you like it and please give me feedback.

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