The Evil One Dies

July 1, 2012
By dragongirl GOLD, Woodbridge,, Virginia
dragongirl GOLD, Woodbridge,, Virginia
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The war ranged on for years many people on both sides were losing their lives. The Evil One uses his magic to keeps his forces refresh and he had a lot of them. The elves, dwarves, fairies, and humans were fighting to keep what land they had free from the Evil One. The elves and the dwarfs’ cleric were up to their necks with the wounded and the dying. The Evil One kept pushing the allies to the nearest river. The evil one thought that if he could keep the allies from reforming then he could take over the world. The elf leader, the dwarf king, the fairy lord and the human's kings and queens made their final stand on the bank of the Whowhat River. The allies fought the evil one's creatures. The elves, dwarves, and fairies were fighting with everything they got, but each time they took out a troll or a goblin three more would take its place. The humans were not doing so well nether each time they took two of the Evil One men down four more would take their places.
In the final battle the allies rejoined their forces to fight the Evil One, one last time. The elves spells casters and their warriors moves headed first to make sure that the Evil One couldn’t escape form the on coming armies. The fairies and dwarves had made sure that the trolls and goblin would die or they were gone. Out of the human kings and queens step up a hero to kill the Evil One, but the hero failed to make the last blow. The Evil One left the battle flied, and went to the far east of the world. Where the days of heroes of old were nothing but stories and the fairy folk was turn into myth did the Evil One return.
Chapter 1
The country of the little people, well the people are not little, they were actually humans. The country was founded by the kings of old. The name “little people” came from when the kings first came to this land. The original inhabitants were trolls, ogres, and even a giant. The king led human settlers from the north into this land that could be turned into farmland if only they could rid it of “Big People”. Through many skirmishes, cave clearings, and just plain battles, the “little people” were able to free the land from the “Big People”. The Trolls, Ogres, and Giants have long since moved to other regions, but the humans in the southern lands still refer to themselves as “Little People”.
The other leaders of the other countries would make fun of when this country it was printed on maps, because the southern humans named their region the “land of the Little People” and how the land were bordered by mountains on the west and from the north the evil place was. The queen of the country had a few hard years that the old king and queen before her had to deal with. The queen was not married at anyone, for the person who took her heart was in the low class. The queen was always scared that the evil one would attack her at any moment. The queen name is Helena, but she likes to be called “mor” it means mother.
One day when people were working the land, a messenger was running to Helena to give her a message. The person had the flag of the evil one. Everyone got scared for they were told stories of the Great War and how many people lay down their life to stop the evil one. A lot of the old people keep telling the children that the evil one will rise again. The messenger went into the palace with a crowd flowing him.
Once he was in the place, the messenger went right to Helena holding out a piece of paper saying, “The great evil one wants me to tell you that he wants to rule your land.”
“Mor Du kan inte ge den onde landet,” one of her soldiers whispered
“Vara tyst min soldat,” Queen Helena whispered back.
The messenger didn’t understand what they were saying, but what he got that the queen and one of her soldier were fighting over something that he understands.
“Queen Helena what is your answer?” The person asks.
Helena crusted in her language, before saying, “You tell your master that he can have our lands after the crows take his."
The messenger turned and left the palace. The crowd that was behind him was waiting to see what their queen would go to do. Helena sat on her throne with her head in her hands thinking on what to do. She couldn’t go to war with the Evil One, for she didn’t have an army to stop him.
One of her people kent before her throne saying, “Mamma Jag ber dig att skicka ord till de gamla allierade på en gang.”

“Jag vet att min kära, men jag har ingen aning om någon av de gamlaallierade är fortfarande runt,” Helena answer.
The person would not give up, for they know the old allies were still around, all they have to do is ask for their help, “Men mor låt oss försöka och se om det finns någon av dem kvar, och om det finns några då kommer vi att bekämpa ondskan en av oss själva.”
Helena knew how bad it will become if her country has were to fight the evil one by themselves therefore she said, “Fine, kommer vi att skicka ut ett meddelande som frågar om hjälp, men om ingen av våra allierade svara då är vi på egen hand.”
The person nodded and the crowd in the throne room left. Helena was thinking when her mother and father were king and queen they didn’t have any wars to worry about. All they worried about was if their people had enough food for the winter.
“Jag önskar ni fortfarande har jag ingen aning om vad jag ska göramamma och pappa,” Helen trodde.
In the north is where the evil one hides away in his castle of pure dark magic. The evil place has two active volcanoes that sent smoke out of the top and sometimes they erupted. The evil castle was made by magic and held up by it, but it was on the ground. The Evil One looked down from his high window at his workers. The Evil One was just thinking how his land would look once he had the country Little People. Just as he was thinking about the little people queen, Helena the messenger had just walked in with a sad look on his face.
“Hva vil du messenger?” The evil one asks.
The messenger kept his eyes on the floor saying, “Flott onde tilgi meg, men jeg har nyheter fra Little People.”
The evil one look down at the messenger before he ask, “Hva er det og det bedre ikke være dårlige nyheter?"
The messenger couldn’t bring his master the bad news, for he knew that if the Evil One ever hears bad new, he would kill the person who brought it. He took a long breath and said, “Dronning Helena ba meg fortelle deg at du kan ha sine landområdernår kråkene tar deg.”
The evil one was laughing at this news. The messenger was scared that the Evil One had lost his mind. The Evil One looks at the messenger trying to stop laughing, but he couldn’t help it, “Jeg er glad for å høre er, for det betyr at hun er dummere enn jegtrodde hun er."
“Men onde hvordan visste du at hun ikke ville la deg få henne land?” The messenger asks.
“Fordi jeg visste at hun ikke ville gi opp sin land,” The Evil One answers, “Nå får soldatene klar, for vi kommer til å angripe dem ved daggry.”
The messenger nods and leaving the palace and went to get the army ready for war.
The first country that queen Helena had sent her messenger was to the elves, for she knew that they were the fastest and closet race near her country. The messenger ran through the main mountain rang praying that the Trolls that lived there wouldn’t attack her. It took four very long days to get to the Elves country. The messenger was scared that she would make a mistake. The messenger knew how to speak in Elvis, but she didn’t want to seem mean to the Elves, by doing so. The messenger saw elves running around her telling each other that a human is in their woods.
“Oi suuri Yaaraerea olen tullut viesti kuningatar Helena pyytää apuasi,” The messenger said walking up to the leaders.
“Elen sila lumenn omentilmo messenger, but why do you speak in our language and not in Common?” One of the council members asks.
The messenger looks down at the floor, before answering, “I guess I forgot that the Elves spoke Common. I try and remember that next time I have to come here.”
The council members nods in agreement, then one of them said, “What message had Queen Helena had send you with.”
“My Queen had sent me to ask for your guys help to stop the Evil One from taking over our country,” The messenger said.
Once the council members heard this, everyone broke out talking at ones.
“Lau, Yaaraerea emme voi mennä sotaan,” Someone said.
“Sedho, puhumme tästä myöhemmin tänä iltana,” One of the leaders said.
The messenger understood what was happened and she did not like where it was going, “Sitä suuri Yaaraerea Tiedän, että olet pelottaa auttamaan meitä hädän hetkellä, muttakauan sitten olimme liittolaisia tuhota paha, ja nyt hän on taas minunkuningatar on kerjäämässä apuasi vielä kerran.”
The council members got up from the meeting point at the messenger without saying a word and went to talk by themselves. The messenger got the message and left with the council members.
“Diola lle messenger on tulossa, mutta tiedätkö mitä juuri teit?” One of the members asks.
“Kyllä minä Yaaraerea ja olen hyvin pahoillani siitä, mutta minunkuningatar tarvitsee vastauksen pian,” the messenger said.
“Sanansaattaja Amin weera yassen lle, mutta emme voi lähettää meille Ohtar ja Amandil sinun kuningatar,” One of the leaders.
The messenger look hurt when they said that, but she would not give up so fast, therefore she says, “Mutta me tarvitsemme apuasi ilman teille ihmiset menettäväthenkensä. Pyydän teitä lähetä joitakin ihmisiä auttamaan en voimenettää minun kuningatar ja maatani."
The leaders look at each other knowing that queen Helena would do the same for them if they were in any troubles. One of them looks at the messenger noticing how sad she is then finally said, “Me lähdemme taistelemaan voit tuhota paha lopullisesti, mutta metarvitsemme aikaa saada kaikki veljemme ja sisaremme.”
“Melloneamin, Diola lle niin paljon En voi odottaa kertoa kuningatar hyvä uutinen,” The messenger said as she left the council of elves behind her.
As the messenger was leaving the group were trying to figure out which race of elves do they want to come with them.
“Voisimme tuoda Cala'quessir, niillä on kaikkein Amandil,” One of them said.
Some of the council members agreed and the others didn’t.
“Entä Ithil'quessir, heillä on eniten Ohtar pois kaikista rodun yhteensä” Another said.
Again some agreed and other didn’t.
“Tai voisimme tuoda Ear'quessir, he saivat eniten Taur'ohtar," Someone else had said.
Once again some of them agreed, but other disagreed.
“Voisimme tuoda Amrun'quessir, ne ovat parhaiten Sereg'wethrin," Someone else said.
“Ei ole, he vihaavat meitä jo,” One of the leader said.
“Ja entä Taur'quessir he eivät vihaa meitä, ja he ovat hyviä läheskaikessa mitä he tekevät,” The first person said.
To that everyone agreed, for out of the whole elves race they love Sylvan Elf the most. The council left the meeting place.

Chapter 2
The next country that the messenger went to Emerald, it took almost two weeks for the messenger to get to there from the Elves country. Emerald was a small country of humans and half-elves. The ruler was a young queen named Miranda. The country has a forest called small wood on its west side and on the southwest side was a river. Miranda followed the way of the kings and queens of Old, by that she couldn’t wait for something to happen to start a war. Miranda loves to fights she could always tell when a war was about to happen. Miranda knew that her countrymen would do whatever their queen told them to do.
One of her countrymen was walking to her with a look that clearing said someone is here with a message for her. Miranda knew, at once, that something was going down in one of her sister countries and that was she needed. The countryman came up to the throne and bowed saying, “Min dronning Miranda, et sendebud fra dronning Helena er her for atse dig.”
Queen Miranda had to think about that, for she knew that if Queen Helena was sending a messenger to her that means something was going down in the Little People country so she said, “Vis hende i behage og tak fordi du fortæller mig min landsmand.”
The person bowed his head and left the throne room.
It took two minutes for the person to come back with the messenger. Miranda noticed that the messenger looked dead at her feet; the messenger had patches of dirt covering her face and even reeked a bit and she was so tired that she didn’t think she could stand up. Queen Miranda turned to her countryman, seeing some questioning look on his face, as hers said, “Tak min landsmand, kan du gå nu.” The countryman bowed and left the throne room.
Queen Miranda and the messenger didn’t speak for a long time until the messenger finally spoke, “My queen had sent me to beg you to help us.”
Queen Miranda listened very closely to what the messenger had to say. When the messenger told Miranda why her queen needs their help and how if Queen Miranda didn’t send help that the Little People Country would not be there anymore. Once the messenger stopped talking Queen Miranda didn’t answer right away, she sat on her throne thinking over about what the messenger had said.
Queen Miranda said something in her language that the messenger didn’t get, but once the messenger saw the same person that got her the first time. The messenger understood at once what Queen Miranda had said. The person looked at the messenger then back at Queen Miranda. Miranda had to know what her people would think if they went to war with the Evil One so she asked, “Min landsmand har et spørgsmål til dig, og jeg håber, du vilsvaremig ærligt?”
The countryman answer, “Min dronningen noget, du spørger mig, vil jeg altid svare med det bedste jeg kan.”
Queen Miranda nodded, then asked, “Min landsmand Jeg vil gerne vide, hvad du tror, at hvis vi går i krig mod den onde ville du være sammen med mig eller imod mig?”
The person answered with a tone of happiness, “Min dronning du ved, at jeg altid vil follower med hvad du beslutter dig.”
Queen Miranda nodded then looked at the messenger and said, “Tell you queen that we are with her, no matter what we will fight to destroy the Evil One.”
The messenger nodded and left the castle. Once the messenger left the throne room the guy who was still kneeling on the floor moved to stand right next to Miranda’s throne kissing her on the cheek. The young man knew by the way Miranda was looking at the door that she was thinking of her people.
The young man knew at once that he didn’t say something fast so that Queen Miranda doesn’t act on the old ways, “Dronning Miranda Jeg håber virkelig, at du ikke tænker på at gåtilbage til de gamle måder. Jeg mener, jeg ved, at du vil gøre dineforældre stolte af dig, men vi flyttede gik det; Miranda du ikke."
Queen Miranda was listing to the young man who stood beside her. Miranda just sat on her throne thinking what the messenger had said about the Evil One. She turns to the young man on her right noticing him for the first time and said, “Min kærlighed få vores folk klar til krig.”

The young man bent his head down and kissed Queen Miranda’s cheek again. This time Miranda had a smile on her face. When the young man left the throne room she sat there thinking on how she would move her soldiers.

As soon as the messenger left Emerald Country she headed north to the country Desylvaura from the way her queen was talking about it the messenger knew that she had to be careful on what she says. It took three days to get to Desylvaura. The messenger had heard the stories about the people of the Great War and how, in the beginning, they were not there, but near the end of it there in the middle of it. The messenger had heard rumors that these people where born from the ashes of giants by the way they look and the way they act when they are in battle. The messenger stopped at the gate thinking to herself, “Moder jag verkligen hoppas att du är stolt över mig och att du inteskickar mig till min död här ute."

The messenger saw that two people were outside the gate looking for troublemakers. The messenger took a long breathe and walked pasted the two people who were on look out. Once inside the gate the messenger let out her breathe then started walking up to the castle. The messenger saw people running around telling each other of the messenger from the Little People country. She wondered how they knew she was from the kingdom of the Little People.

“It’s the way you dress ms,” Someone said in Common.

The messenger was in shock, for she didn’t think anyone in this country could speak Common, but then again, she only thought that because of what her grandfather told her when she was young so she asked, “What do you mean?”

The person walked up to the messenger looked up and down at her and said, “Everyone who was born in this country knows that if they see someone who is not wearing our clothes and have their hair down has to be from the southeast.”

The messenger looked down at her clothes and saw that the person was right. The messenger was still wearing her clothes that she had on when she left her home country.

“I’m here to speak to your king,” The messenger said.

The person nodded and leaded her into the castle state to the throne room.
Once inside the throne room the messenger felt sweat on her forehead, for she was scared when she saw the king on his throne.
The person who was leading her in stop in front of the throne with his head low. Once the person had said why he was there the king told the person to rise.

The person did so saying in their language, “My king a messenger from Queen Helena is here to see you.”

The king replied in the same language, “Leave us so we can speak a lone.”

The person bowed again turn to the messenger and said, “My king will speak to, but I have to warn you that what ever you say he will know if you are lying, so speak true to him,” then left the room.

Once the person left the room there was silence. The messenger did not know what to do, so she stands quits. After a while the king spoke in a thick voice, “One of my people told me that you are here to give me a messenger.”

That made the messenger found her voice again saying, “My queen needs you and your soldiers help in destroying the Evil One again.”

The king was silence for a few moments before he replied in his thick voice, “From what I heard the Evil One just wants your land so why is your queen asking for help?”

“Because my queen doesn’t want to give up her country she would rather die than see her country in the hands of the Evil One,” The messenger said holding her temper back.

“Messenger, we will help, but first you must answer one question,” The king said.

“What is your question?” The messenger asked.

The king smile, before asking, “Why do the Evil One want your country?”

That took the messenger off, but she answers it, “He wants to marry her, but she doesn’t want to. The only reason why he wants to marry her is so he can rule over his land and my queens.”

The king looked long and hard at the messenger then said, “You can tell your queen that she has me and all of my soldiers.”

The messenger nodded and left the castle without looking back.

The king lean back on his throne with his eyes close thinking on what the messenger had told him.

The messenger ran for day only stopping to rest, she went north to the dwarves. One night when she was resting the messenger heard something moving through the foot of the mountains. The messenger row and was about to ran to the dwarves, but her legs didn’t work. The messenger saw that it was another person she let out breathe that she didn’t know she was holding. The messenger was about to say something, but the moment that she saw sigh on the person clothes she knew at once that it was the Evil One messenger. The other messenger stop looked at her with evil in their eyes. The two of them looked at each other walking, but never took their eyes off each other.

“My queen had told me to keep my eyes open for her queen knew that the Evil One was also sending his messenger out,” The messenger thought.

The moment the messenger saw four dwarves she was happy then ever. The other messenger ran passed without even looking at the other one.

“Tell your king that I am here with a message from Queen Helena,” The messenger said in common.

One of the dwarves steps up and said, “Speak I am the king of the dwarves.”

The messenger was taking aback, for all the other countries she was taking to the king or queen, but she said, “My queen needs your help to destroy the Evil One please.”

“Was that his messenger?” The dwarf king asked.

The messenger nodded and said, “I didn’t know he was going this way.”

The dwarf king just nodded.

“She really needs all the help she can get, so please help us,” The messenger was begging.

The dwarf king didn’t say anything for a long time, and then he said, “Tell your queen we are with her.”

The messenger was speechless then she found her voice and said, “Thank you so much,” and left.

The dwarf king and his follower went back inside the mountain with a look that clearing said “it times for war”.
One of his followers walks up to the king and said in their language, “My king are you sure that you want to go to war?”
“Yes I am sure, it pass time,” The king replied in their language.
The person nodded and they got ready for war.

Chapter 3
The messenger headed back to her country to tell her queen the news. It took the messenger a little over three weeks before she was back in her own country. The moment that the messenger was inside the gates she went to Queen Helena.
The messenger bowed and said in their language, “My queen I bought news from our allies.”
Queen Helena looked at the messenger and said in their language, “I hope that the news that you bring me is good news.”
“Why my queen you know that I will only bring you good new, but what happen when I was gone?” The messenger asked.
Queen Helena closed her eyes before she answered, “About fortnights ago the Evil One had moved his soldiers’ right to the bored of our country, but right now I need to know do we have our allies coming.”
At first the messenger was about to say something about the Evil One troops, but she thought better of it so she said, “Our allies are coming to our aid.”
That made Queen Helena smile.
“My queen what are we going to do about the troops?’ The messenger asked.
Queen Helena looked hard at the messenger, before she answer, “We will hold them off unit our allies come.”
The messenger looked shock when she heard that, for she knew that they do not have the people they need to fight an army.
“My queen how many soldiers do the Evil One have?” The messenger asked.
Queen Helena didn’t answer right away she said, “Right now all we know is that he has five hundred soldiers, but more comes everyday.”
Someone knock on the door the messenger got up and went to the door and saw that it was the queen lover. Helena was smiling at the person; she was looking like someone had come to save her.
The person walk up to the throne kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “My Love I missed you so.”
Helena’s cheeks flushed red as his warm whisper rolled down her neck. Helena knew that she has to be careful when she is with her lover and they are in the throne room.
“Why are you here?” Helena asked in a whispered
The person moved a little so that Helena could see them face and said, “My queen our look outs had spotted lagers army moving at us.”
Helena looked at the person and asked, “What do the army looked like?”
“From what the look out said it is an army of elves my queen,” The person said.
Queen Helena looked like her prayers were answered asked “How far is this army?”
The person had to turn his head away answering, “About another three weeks.”
Helena felt her heart racing when she heard this news. She knew that if her people were to live through this that they needed the help now. Helena got up from her throne walk over to the person and kissed him on the mouth hoping that he got the message that she loves him.
When they pull away from each other they both was breathing hard, the person leave the throne room as the messenger walks up to Helena. Helena was trying to look like nothing had happen between her and the person. Queen Helena knew that the messenger saw everything, but she was lucky that the messenger didn’t say anything.
“Messenger can you please tell the ladies-in-waiting to get my armor ready for me,” Helena said.
The messenger bowed and left the throne room.
The Evil One was very pleased with what his messenger had done, but he was more pleased with the work that he did in making Queen Helena believing that her allies were on the way. The Evil One saw two trolls fighting with a goblin, he send a powerful wave of energy to break up the fight.
That made all the evil creatures and the soldiers look at him. The Evil One gave them a creepy smile that made everyone and everything turn their heads.
A messenger came running to the Evil One with a worry look in their eyes.

The Evil One knew at once that this news was not good. The Evil One really was not in the mood to hear bad news, for two of his soldiers were fighting with the goblin and one of his workers got stepped by a troll.

The messenger took in a long breathe before he said, “Your Evilness the Elves are on the move and they are moving fast.”

The Evil One let out a laugh that no one on earth had heard before, it took a little while for the Evil One’s laugher to die down and once it did he spoke, “Really, well that means we have to work a little harder than before.”

The Evil One watch has his army has they build weapons for war. The Evil One could picture himself on the throne with Queen Helena by his side has he rules his country and hers. He was trying to think back to the great war and how he came so close to ruling the world back then. The Evil One didn’t realize that the sun was already setting and his troops had already gone to sleep.
Once the messenger had left the Elves so many nights ago the Elves had sent runner to the other elves to tell them what was going on. The council members were both happy, but they were also sad, for they knew that most of the elves would go to die in this war. The council members kept on saying “Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au',” for one of them foresaw half of the race entering the homeland. Some of the Elves had to turn their faces away when they saw the clerics and the warriors headed off to war.
One of the elves walk up to a warrior place their hands on the warrior hand and whisper so low that the warrior was the only one to hear it, “Mela en 'coiamin Minä rukous, että te löytää kotiin.”
The warrior knew at once why this elf was saying that, for he too wanted to come back home too. The elf let go of the warrior and turn their back on the moving troops. The council members’ walks with the moving army still hoping that most of them will come home. The moment that the elves left their world behind the Sylvan elves, the Sunrise elves, the Silver elves, the Sea elves, and the Moon elves jumped out of the trees that they were hiding in.

“A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting, Ancient ones,” One of the moon elves said with a bow.

One of the council members walked up to the speaker and said, “It has been too long my friends.”

The others did the same thing as the speaker for the moon elves.

“How many troops do you have with you?” asked One of the Sunrise elves.

The council members looked at each other and then one of them said, “Around ten thousand, that with our clerics, without them eight thousand. Four thousand warriors and four thousand rangers.”

“Not bad for the High Elves, but we got thirteen thousand, without counting our clerics, with them we got over twenty thousands,” The speaker of the Sliver elves said.

All of the other started saying how many troops they had bought with them, then one of the council members had to step in and said, “Enough of this, Queen Helena is waiting for us, so stop acting like little kids and least get a move on.”

Everyone nodded and the elves race went to war.

It took them two weeks before they saw the Evil One camp. The council members had sent two lookouts to spy on the Evil One and to see if they could stop him before he attacks The Little People.

From what the lookouts to them the Elves had made it just in time.

Chapter 4
Queen Helena heard a horn from two miles away she knew at once it was Queen Miranda and her troops. Queen Helena knew form what her father had told her when she was little that if you ever hear a horn from two or more miles away then you know that it is the people from Emerald. Queen Helena had never forgotten those words, for she knows that she ever does forget that then her country will be lost forever.
Queen Miranda on the other hand hated how her father and his father before him and so on had made a deal with the ruler of the Little People. If it was up to her she would never made the deal with them. A person walk up to her with a smile on their face. Miranda knew just by the person was acting that it was her lover.
“My Queen, Queen Helena wishing to speak with you,” The person said.
Queen Miranda nodded and left her tent.
Once Queen Miranda left her tent she saw where Queen Helena was standing and noticed that a young man was standing behind with a sad look on his face. Miranda knew that look well enough, for that was the look her lover gave her the second that they got there.
Queen Miranda wanted to know who the guy was standing behind Queen Helena so she asked her own lover, “My countryman who is the guy behind Helena?”
The person had to look pass her to see who she was talking about, then when he saw the person he said, “My queen I think that young man is Queen Helena lover.”
“She has a lover too?” Queen Miranda asked.
“Yes my queen,” The person answers.
Queen Miranda nodded and walked up to Queen Helena with a smile on her face, saying, “Greetings to you Queen Helena.”
“And the same to you Queen Miranda, and welcome to my country,” Queen Helena said.
Both of the young men bowed their heads at the queens. Queen Helena had pointed to the chair next to hers and asked Queen Miranda wanted to sit. Queen Miranda took the sit without a word and waited like Queen Helena for something to happen.

The King of Desylvaura had gotten his army the moment that the messenger had left them. The king knew at once that if they didn’t get their army ready in time then the war will be over before they get a charge to fight. The king remembered what his father had told him when he was a young lad, “Whenever there is a war we will be there in the shadows waiting to attack,” and he had never forgotten those word. Once the king had his army all ready it took him at least four weeks to get to where the war was going to take place.
A long the way they got into a few fights with the trolls and goblins. Every time the king thought they were done fighting five more stepped up and taking the places of the falling.
“When will they learn that they can’t bet us?” The King asked.
“They will never learn my king,” Someone answered.
“I thought so,” The King said.
When they finished killing all the trolls and goblins that stood in they way they were running like hell to the battlefield. The King was thinking of ways to kill the Evil One’s army. The King came up with two ways that they could take the Evil One down, but first he has to see the Evil One’s army to make sure that his plan can be done. From what he got from Queen Helena’s messenger is that the country of the Little people couldn’t effort to lose they country. The king and his army didn’t sleep unit they were close enough to the battlefield.
The moment that the King of Desylvaura and his army was near the battlefield the dwarves were also on the move, but they went through the desert instead of going through the grassland which out of taking about two months. In the desert the dwarves use the pathways underground they build in the Great War. The dwarf king was leading the army from the front of the line to make sure that no one will attack them. The spell casters walked behind the king with a worried look on their faces. The warriors on the other hand had this weird look on their faces, it is a mixed of happiness and anger and it is pretty scaring to see. The dwarves traveled through the desert for about three and half weeks before they see a big army of goblins moving in the same directions was they were.
The dwarf King was not happy to see such large numbers of goblins in the daylight he said, “My family gets ready for battle, for night we will honor our past family members with the blood of our enemy.”
The whole dwarf army moved at once when the dwarf king was done speaking. The spell casters pulled up their sleeves to do magic as the warriors were getting their weapons out. Once the army was already the dwarf King gave the sigh and the dwarves attacked the goblins. The goblins were already to attack the dwarves.
The battle lasted for two whole days and both sides had lost a good number of people, but the goblins had lost they great leader to the dwarf king. The dwarves left the goblins behind the next day and went to the country of the Little People. Not one of the dwarves said a word as they march to meet up with Queen Helena’s army. The dwarf King was trying to keep his men spirits up by telling them that they could easy win this war without losing anymore kin. For some odd reason the dwarves seemed more down then usually whenever they went into a battle or into a war the dwarves would be sing a song or have a smile of their faces, but not this time.
When the dwarves got to the bored of the Little People they saw that it wasn’t just Queen Helena’s army was the dwarf King thought, but other armies had joined hers.
The king walk up to Queen Helena and said, “Great morning for blooded to fall.”
Queen Helena responds, “Great morning ideal my dear friend.”
The two of them went on like this for a good way, before Queen Miranda stepped in and said, “The great dwarf King Queen Helena had told me so much about you that I thought she make it up, but guess not.”
The dwarf King was taking a back when he heard this; for Queen Helena and he were not good friends sort of speak. He knew her family because of the Great War, but never truly met her unit today.

Chapter 5

All of the allies for both sides were out of the battlefield waiting for something to happen. All of the archers were the back with the spell casters next to them. Then rest of the army was spent up in two different groups. One group will leave the field and attack the Evil One’s army from behind as the second group attacks from the front., this way the Evil One’s army could not leave the field.

The Evil One’s army was in three lines: the one in the back has only trolls in it, the middle one was the humans that he bewitched or he blackmails them in to serving him, and the front line was only goblins with their small weapons. The Evil One was a little disappointed in the number of goblins that he got he was hoping for more, but no. The Evil One was getting really tired of Queen Helena and her so call allies.

“Queen Miranda take the fifth and sixth legion to the front line and take out the goblins,” Queen Helena said.

“As you wish Helena, but after this is all over we will have the talk,” Queen Miranda said.

Queen Helena nodded and rode off to fight.

The dwarves and the Elves were fighting angriest the trolls. The two races worked very well together that no one had to tell them what to do.

The war went on for two long years both sides lost so many good soldiers that it was ever night both sides couldn’t see what the other side was doing due to the smoke from the fired. No one speaks a word to anyone anymore. Both Queen Helena and Queen Miranda were always talking in low voice every night with they lovers sitting behind them.

“… I mean I know that we can’t be together, but I couldn’t live my life without him,” Queen Helena whispered.

“I know how you feel trust me I do know, but we all have to give up something for our country,” Queen Miranda said.

Queen Helens nodded and went to sleep.

For the new few days everything went to hell, Queen Helena lost her lover by a sword to the head. Most of the elves had died and the dwarves were being about to be all killed.

Then one morning when the sun was rising The Evil One died with his head cut off his body.

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