The Orphans

July 7, 2012
By sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
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The book that Anna was reading flew to the other side of the room. “D*mn it,” she yelled.

A little girl came into the doorway to the room. Again, the boat tipped dangerously. Claire tipped to the side along with the boat. She grabbed the doorframe, steadying herself. She straightened and ran the short expanse to her sister’s bed.

“Sissy,” the five year old asked, “What’s going on?”

“Only a storm, Claire. It’ll be okay.”

“Sissy,” Claire said tentively, “Can you tell me a story?” Claire climbed into the bed with Anna.

“Sure,” She said. “Once upon a time there...” Anna continued the story of Cinderella. Soon Claire’s eyes were closed and her head was resting in Anna’s lap.

The storm calmed down and Anna drifted off to sleep thinking that this wasn't the type of thing she had anticipated on a vacation.

The next day Anna and her family went up onto the deck to assess the damage. There were papers and dishes that were left out strewn all over.

Her father went to steer the boat. Anna, Claire and her mother picked up the deck.

Claire saw her cup by the edge of the deck and she went towards it. She had a flashback of the tossing around of the boat the night before. She grabbed the railing and her knuckles turned white.

“Claire-Bear, what’s wrong?” She asked her petrified sister.

“I’m scared I will get knocked over into the water.”

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?” Anna could see the disbelief in Claire’s youthful face.

“Well, you see,” she started, “The water is calm. It’s not mad anymore. Look out at it.” She stated as she pointed her finger out across the blue water. She looked at Claire who hadn’t lifted her face. “C’mon, Claire, look at it.” Claire lifted her eyes and stared off into the distance.

“Anna, there’s a boat out there.”


“Over there.” Claire pointed out to the horizon and sure enough there was a boat.

Anna grabbed Claire’s small hand in her own. Anna approached her mother and told her of the boat in the distance. In turn her mother told her father.

Soon the boat was headed towards the other boat. As they got closer Anna noticed two children waving their arms frantically.

Finally the two boats were upon each other. Anna looked out a short while later and saw another boat. This one had a red and blue stripe across it. Also displayed in large black letters were the words “coast guard.”

“Everything is okay. Please remain calm.” The captain called out. Two men in blue uniforms leapt across the distance between the boats. A few of them remained on the coast guard boat

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This is for a contest on, so if you like it id appreciate you going on there and hearting it.

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