Watery Grave

June 27, 2012
By Anonymous

My head skimmed the top of the water; I blinked twice to remove my underwater eyes. My tongue ran across my teeth as I smiled to myself. They transformed from murky-yellow, to milk-white. The surfers raced across the waves, their muscles tightening as they gripped their boards. The crystal clear waters of Hawaii were my favorite place to snack. The guys here were just so perfect. I watch from my hiding spot, and spotted the one. He raced his friend, and beat him quickly. Laughing, he jumped back up on the board. I smiled to myself, perfect.
My tail flipped behind me; morphing into two, perfectly tanned legs. The white, sandy shores of Hawaii were the perfect place for me to 'tan'. I was at the island of Maui, on the non-commercial side. Giant palm trees waved in the wind, and I spotted a beach house up in the corner. It must be his beach house. I made my way to the shore, and sat there quietly. Waiting, watching for him to look over at me. Bingo. I waved at him from the beach, smiling. Motioning him over, I called out softly, "Hey! How about you come over here?" He nodded; no one could resist my voice. Swimming in, he picked up his board and ran over to me. I could see him even better. His perfectly flipped blonde hair, his deep ocean-blue eyes.
"Hello." I smiled, fluttering my eyelashes.
"Hey," a single hand ran through his hair. He smiled down at me squinting in the sun. His six-pack had glistening droplets of water dashed about it.
"Want to go for a swim?" I bit my lip softly, making the most irresistible face ever.
"Sure," he smiled, as he helped me up; we ran in laughing. I splashed him with some water; I kept swimming and so did he. I finally get him far out, the buoy by the rock. He swam around it. He jumped up onto it, and then helped me up onto the rock. Staring at me, he leaned in to kiss me. My heart started racing. A guy has never tried to kiss a Siren. A Siren isn't supposed to kiss a guy. What is happening? My blood ran for his drowning, but my heart ached for his lips. Leaning in too, I puckered my lips.
They touched his, they formed together perfectly. My whole body tingled; my legs come together into a tail. My nails grew into claws, scales popped up all over my body. My eyes stung as the translucent lids blinked over. I blinked them back. I thought about my legs and, they returned back to normal. He didn't notice. Yet my claws dug into his back. He began to scream. The yells and shrieks of his voice drove me wild. My eyes came back to Siren-normal. My tail formed as quick as it came before, and my teeth sharpened into triangular fangs, and a murky-yellow color.
I couldn't help myself, I drove him off the rock, giggling. I pulled him under and kissed him. He gasped for air, clawing the water. I laughed at him, let him up for a second, and pulled him back down. My Siren-self took over; I drove him deeper into the coral beds. I kissed his cheeks as he continued to claw around. Finally the best part came. He sucked in the water; I watch the fear in his eyes begin to glaze. They became dull, and no longer filled with life. He floated there, motionless. I laughed once more, but saw the fading color from his lips. His hot, perfect lips. They were gone.
I knew what I did; I killed maybe the only guy that would ever like me...

The author's comments:
Temptation is such a hard thing to overpass. maybe you do have the power, maybe you don't...

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