The Sky

June 18, 2012
By ASpecialWriter BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
ASpecialWriter BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Once there was a tiger named Barnabas. Barnabas was the most adorable tiger in Scotland. There are not very many tigers in Scotland but he was most definitely the most adorable. He has tiny ears, cute stripes that were perfectly placed, fur as soft as fluff, and round black eyes. Barnabas loved to watch the birds fly and wish desperately to join them one day. Despite being adorable he was lonely. All the people in Scotland were jealous of his adorableness. People lashed out on him thinking he was trying to ruin their looks. Everyone seemed to desire his cuteness. Poor Barnabas didn’t understand so he began to believe everyone hated him. He felt so lonely. But, Barnabas loved to watch the birds fly and wish desperately to join them one day.
But one day someone decided to come up to Barnabas and comment on his cuteness. That someone was a blue jay of beautiful shades. She loved how the tiger was always calm and was super adorable, but she was shy so she could never go and talk to the tiger. Today was the day that the goal was attainable! The blue jay waddled over to Barnabas who was sitting in the grass of Scotland enjoying the breeze against his fur. Barnabas noticed the blue jay waddling over and thought that she had beautiful wings.
The blue jay had made it to in front of the tiger and thought he was even more amazing close up. His fur looked super soft, his eyes were super large, and his ears with perfect size. The blue jay gawked at the tiger. Barnabas looked at the blue jay and noticed her staring him. Barnabas began to feel as though she would become envious and want to make fun of him. Barnabas backed away slowly from the blue jay. Barnabas didn’t like to be made fun of so he always stayed away. The blue jay noticed him slowly backing away and asked sweetly, “Did I scare you Barnabas?” Barnabas looked confused and stared at the blue jay. “How do you know my name?”
“Everyone knows your name Barnabas!”
“Oh… that’s not very good.”
“Oh no! That’s a very good thing. It means people are talking about you! People love you around here. People are just very shy to talk to you.”
“Oh… I guess that explains it… but I’m not a scary tiger. I wouldn’t hurt anyone.”
“Not a lot of people know that.”
Barnabas gawks at the blue jay and gives her a little smile. Barnabas pushes his head lower and scoops up the blue jay onto his back. The blue jay gasps as she feels the soft tiger fur caress her wings and entire body. She pushes her body against the fur and feels as though she is on a cloud. Barnabas walks around hearing the slow breathing of a sleeping blue jay. He’s never had anyone be so close to him but he didn’t mind the warmth. Barnabas looked behind himself and saw the blue jays wings.
As the two friends traveled around Scotland they noticed a soft hill. Both of them had been talking to each other about themselves they both began to feel drowsy. When the say the hill it looked as though it was welcoming them. As they walked up to the hill they even heard the hill welcome them. They both looked at each other and thought they were just tired. Barnabas collapsed down onto the soft grass and thought of it as a cloud. Barnabas heard a tiny squeak. He looked around and couldn’t see anything. The blue jay pocked at Barnabas and pointed at a tiny patch of grass.
In that patch was a tiny little mouse. The mouse had been trying to welcome them to the hill that she lived on. That was not the hill that had been welcoming them but the mouse. Barnabas had been delighted that such a mouse had wanted to speak to him! But the mouse seemed to be just as tired as they are. The mouse then politely asked if she could join blue jay onto Barnabas’ back to take a nap on. Since Barnabas had not minded the blue jay he thought that having the mouse on wouldn’t be any trouble at all.
The next morning everyone was wide awake and Barnabas was staring at the blue jays’ wings eagerly. He thought that today would be a wonderful flying day and to propose the question. As the blue jay woke up surrounded by orange fluff he felt that today would be great. She looked at Barnabas and saw his toothy smile welcoming him. The blue jay was still not fully awoken as Barnabas posed a question, “Blue jay, can I fly with you today?” Since the butterfly was so focused on the fluff she did not care about a word the tiger said as though as she could stay where she was. “Sure why not. Not like its impossible”
“Hooray! I cannot wait to see what the world is like from up there!”
“Wait- wha-?” The blue jay was cut off as she was pushed to the ground off of the fluff. The blue jay was confused as she saw the orange fluff of Barnabas getting closer and closer. Barnabas was so excited that he had not remembered the size difference between him and blue jay. All he could hear was a squash and a quack. Poor blue jay… Poor Barnabas never getting to fly….
The End

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