An unexpected life

June 19, 2008
By tawnia bailey, Lee, MA

The little town of Lee was quit until Aubrey woke up harmoniously. Usually Aubrey is baffling all over the place. Mad at people because she’s so intact with herself.
While everyone is mad at her. But today she’s nice. She started to impede with her daily tasks and figure out why she was such an amelioration. For a moment she thought. then she remembered in th4e middle of the night. She heard her folly male roommate come towards her bed and then do something to her. So when I saw him I sprayed him with my suave hair spray in his eyes “I guess it didn’t work oww!” Kevin said. He started pushing on his eyeballs. Trying to see if they’d fall out..

“ You thought I was an indolent mean girl so you did this to me?!” Aubrey said
“I guess it did work!” Kevin went on laughing. “ I hate you god you remind me of my indolence sister” Aubrey replied. “Hope I do. Have fun with you’re surprise!”. Kevin said walking out the door. All of a sudden I heard something “SMACK!”. a chicken leg
fell from the ceiling and landed on her head. Maybe I should be conserving this? Getting back to know. Marie walked right in while this chicken leg was being destroyed. Look it’s my cousin at least two people in this family have the style gene. “Lois what happened to you?” Marie said Making her way for the chair. “ You don’t want to know can you tell the teachers that I won’t be in today” She said. “ yeah sure”. Marie said. “ So that’s why you called me over? You could have just asked me to”-”listen I’ll call you later and explain everything I’m planning on moving in with the Brooks again”. Aubrey interrupted.

Chloe almost fell over in her seat next to Marie. “What!” they both said. “ So you’re going to give Brody a run for his money this time ?” Marie said. “Planning on it”. Aubrey said She picked the meat off the chicken bone and threw it in the garbage . “Where did you get that thing?” Chloe asked .” Kevin!!!” Aubrey laughed
“Oh I ran into him when I was coming here. He told me you were being retort this morning . Did I miss that wake up call?” Marie said. “Yes but it’s over. He zapped up some mojo on me last night he knows I know so it’s over” Aubrey said dangling the chicken bone and throwing it in a black bag tying it up. “That sounds nice of him “ Chloe said. “Definitely because comparing what you’re going to do to him. Yeah well I got to go see you later oh you might want to take a shower.” Marie says then leaves for class.

“yeah I don’t want to be here when you do stuff with that chicken bone So I’m going to get out Later” Marie says as she leaves “Bye”. Aubrey said. “brainstorm aha !” she says to herself. Ok so I will subvert Kevin and his plans to ruin my life. oh my magic book right where I left it from High school. She pulled it out from under her bed. Ugh look at this ignoramus spell perfect!. Ok I’ll try it on my self. A second later “BOOMB!!”
She picks up a mirror and sees bags under her eyes. “Oh that really worked wonderful” Aubrey goes on. Maybe it backfired on me great!. “I did it” she says to her self . “you did what?” Kevin said as he walked through the door. Aubrey threw her stuff back under her bed. Time for a shower. She ran into the bathroom locked the door and went in. As she was taking her shower she could hear Kevin singing to himself. “ You’re subtleties they strangle me I can’t explain what you can’t explain and”-Kevin singing! “ok EWWW” She growled to herself. that guy is such a loser. She got out of the shower and went to get dressed.

“Time to put on my face, plus fix my hair.” Aubrey said. As she looked at her enormously split ends. Aubrey grabbed her stuff and headed toward the door when. “Not that it is any of my business but don’t you put on the same ugly face every day?” Kevin said. Time to give him the look. She raised one eye brow and tried to freak him
out. “ Oh my god!!” Kevin hissed. She smiled . Always comes in handy the look. She left the room. Aubrey ran to her Jeep Liberty got in and drove over to the brooks farm . I think I’ll try to destroy Brody’s peaceful day it’s just the funniest. As Aubrey drove up the drive way she started to have an invalid effect driving her Jeep Liberty. She saw Brody, ugh he’s gotten cuter ugh, ugh. Aubrey started to doze off dreaming of him and her working “together” she said right then Brody walked over to her Jeep and shut of the ignition. “what:” Brody asked, she snapped out of it. “What do you think your doing ?”
she said. He looked at her the same way he always did annoyed. She smiled. “shutting your ignition off to see why you’re here Aubrey?” he went on laughing. She pushed his head out of the window and opened the door.

“So you’re planning on being harmonious today?” he said. “You’ll know in about two minutes”. Aubrey said. they walked over to the house and he open the house door for her. He is such an ameliorate compared to me, look at those arms those are good arms to have. then she saw his mom “good morning Mrs. Brooks” she said “morning Aubrey” Mrs. Brooks said. She made her way for the couch and landed on it. They walked over to her. “Umm do you think I could move back in?” At that moment Brody then got back up very quickly and gave her his own messed up version of the look.
“Don’t give me that look Brody you know I do it better than you, oh thanks for turning into a exotic amelioration” she said. Brody laughed amusingly then looked at his mom
Mrs. Brooks said “ of coarse you can stay Aubrey you’re always welcome, you know that
….. even though you’re father took you out of here once before” Mrs. Brooks smiled.

Aubrey got up off the couch and hugged her “Thank you so much!” she said.
Than eyed the stairway and ran for it. “OH” Mrs. Brooks said sitting down. Brody ran after her knowing her intentions. She took over his room like she always did. “What are you doing” he said. Walking on her reading a magic book and her candles and incense.
“Chill Brooks it’s not for you I don‘t hate you that much” Aubrey said. “Who’s it for?”
he said. “someone you don’t need to know” she went on trying to chant. “I’m so delighted my mother isn’t parsimonious about paying you money know that you’re her campaign
leader” Brody said. “ I feel so loved” she smiled , he ran out of his room heading for his mother knowing Aubrey was mad. “Do you know what she is doing up their ?” he said to his mother still sitting on the couch still amazed at the fact that she would want to move back in with them. Knowing that Brody and Aubrey don’t really like each other. “No but it couldn’t be worse than what you can do.” His mother said. She looked at him. “That’s not funny what if she finds out I can read people’s minds?” He said. “Then don’t let her find out you know how she is. But I’m sure she does care about you.” His mother said

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GBrown3 said...
on Aug. 9 2008 at 8:15 pm
I wasn't too fond of this one.

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