June 17, 2008
By eric acosta, El Paso, TX

Abigail is what you would call your typical nerdy girl. She was short scrawny and she wore round black eyeglasses. Her long brown hair was usually messy and she would rather talk of microchips and processors then boys. Abigail was only twelve but she was a genius. She could fix anything from computers to toasters to Dad’s TV. Abigail loved machines. She loved taking them apart and watching the parts whirl and gyrate. It was only Abigail and her father in their little apartment.

Well one night when Abigail was walking through the park she heard a loud crash. Seeing as it was rather late there was no one else to notice it. Abigail walked over to the trees where she heard the crash. Then Abigail heard it.


The sound seemed to be coming from behind her.


Abigail spun around and gasped. A robot was walking towards her. Its gears clinking and clanking as it walked. Its bright yellow eyes reflected off Abigail’s glasses as it came closer to her. When the robot stopped she noticed wires hanging out of its body. Despite her urge to run Abigail stayed.

“Aww your circuits are all out,” said Abigail feebly “a-a-are you hurt?”

The robot stopped and stared at her its gears still clinking and clanking.

“I-I’m Abigail what’s your name?” she said as she took a couple steps closer to the robot.

The robot wasn’t much taller than her, maybe by a foot at the most. Its metal skin looked dull in the streetlights. Although it wasn't moving Abigail could still hear things spinning and whirring inside of it. She could see little blinking lights throughout it’s body. The robot showed no signs of recognizing her it just merely stood and watched her.

“Beep” the robot responded.

The sudden break of silence made Abigail jump.

“Beep? What’s that mean?”

The robot continued staring.

“Well you must have a name, all things have names.”

The robot merely cocked its head and stared.

“No? Well could you at least tell me where you came from?”

When she said this, the robot came closer to Abigail so that they were an arms length apart. The robots chest opened and a little holographic movie began playing for Abigail. The image played out like it was a sad song in a music box. There were big blinking trees on a hard metal surface dotted with different colored blinking lights. The sky looked almost liked earths only there was no sun or moon. Abigail wondered what was lighting the sky. Then there was a big city. The buildings all blinked and glowed as if they were all part of a giant microprocessor. There were big flying cars going this way and that way. Robots were walking across the shiny metal streets. All the commotion made Abigail’s eyes hurt.

Then the light from the sky dulled and a big thing came down from the sky. The robots all stopped and stared at it. The thing was awful although Abigail was merely watching a holograph she could feel its ominous presence. Then the thing began walking towards the city and everything it touched was destroyed. The metal surface it walked on became black and dull, the blinking trees flickered then turned off. The robots began to run but it was too late. The thing devoured their energy one by one. The image changed to a robot entering a small space ship and blasting off into space. Then the image began to flicker and the robot closed its chest.

“Aww that’s sad do you know if any one else escaped?”

The robot beeped rather softly and shook its head.

“Do you even know what that thing was?”

Once again the robot beeped softly and shook its head.

Abigail couldn’t think of anything else to say so she merely stood there and twirled her hair. When she looked down she saw the wires hanging out of the robot.

“O you can’t go anywhere like that. Let’s go back to my house and fix you.” And without waiting for a response Abigail grabbed its hand and they walked to her apartment.
The robots feet clinked as it climbed up the fire escape. And when it was in Abigail’s room it’s feet thunked loudly on her wooden floor. The robot looked around to see machines and wires littered across the floor. The light outside made the nuts and bolts shine. Abigail yawned loudly and when the robot turned around she was already asleep on her bed. The robot beeped quietly and walked to her. It took off her big round glasses and pulled the covers over her tightly. Abigail sighed and turned over then she was fast asleep.
“Beep beep,” the robot whispered gently and patted her head. Then it walked to the corner of the room and the light in its eyes went out and the robot was now fast asleep.

Then next day the robot awoke to loud clanking, Abigail was rummaging through her toolbox.
“O good you’re awake. Come over here I think I found something to patch your side up.”
The robot walked toward Abigail. Abigail then carefully tucked the wires back into the robot.
“I hope this doesn’t hurt.” Abigail said as she pulled out a drill and a rusty piece of metal. The robot beeped as if to assure her it was ok.
“You know if you want I could help you fix your rocket,” Abigail said as she screwed the plate onto the robot. When she was done the robot grabbed her hand and pointed out the window.
“O we can’t go now, people will see you and if they see you they’ll take you away”
Abigail looked down. The robot beeped but still held her hand.
“Yay you wanna help me fix some things while we wait?”

So all that day Abigail welded, rewired, spliced and drilled all while telling the robot about earth and dogs and bears and how much she hated Miss Lavel, her science teacher. She talked on and on getting beeps from the robot so she knew that it understood.

Then when night came Abigail found herself staring at the rocket. It wasn’t badly damaged it just looked like the control panel had been fried. So with the robot holding her flashlight she started working on its rocket. She saudered and cut wires. She tied green wires to blue wires and black ones to red ones. The robot beeped here and there in between her stories and before she knew it Abigail had bolted the control panel back on.

The robot beeped excitedly and began flipping switches and pushing buttons. Judging by its beeps the rocket was working perfectly. When the robot turned around Abigail was crying.
“Beep?” said the robot.
“O I- I- I'm fine I just don’t want you to leave your like my best friend.”

The robot hugged Abigail and she rested her head on its chest. She could hear its gears and gizmos whirring and clanking.
“Beep beep” said the robot as it moved its hand. Abigail saw that it was pointing up.
“Beep beep,” it said as it stared at her.
“Y-y-you want me to go with you?” Abigail said still crying softly.
The robot shook its head yes and walked her over to the rocket ship. Abigail stopped and looked towards her apartment then got in. The robot began pushing blinking buttons and brightly colored knobs. The rockets cockpit sealed itself and then slowly lifted off the ground. With a violent lurch the rocket was speeding into space.

As they zoomed higher and higher into the stars, Abigail was hoping she’d soon see a big planet full of blinking lights and flying cars with lots of new robot friends for her to make.

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eyejuice said...
on Aug. 9 2008 at 5:17 am
I like this story!!! :) It's very cute! I like the robot and his sounds. Cute, happy, and sad too; it's got a little of everything! I really like it! :D Make it a book!


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