Eon Boy

June 19, 2008
By victor velasquez, Brewster N.Y, NY

The sun beamed on his black silky hair. His black ripped vintage pants went down to his ankle. His black tank top barely covered his stomach. The torn arm ached and pained him briefly. His hand lay on the grass and his bare feet tickled from the grass.

“Roy! Come on were going to be late!” A light skinned armored figure blocked the sun from Roy’s eyes. Roy opened his eyes to see his best friend Zeke standing right above him.

“Sorry, I was just thinking. We have our manipulating lesson now don’t we,” Roy said as he was still dazing from his sleep.

“Yes! Come on get up,” Zeke said.

Roy took a moment to examine Zeke. Zeke’s red samurai armor matched his red eyes. His silver outlined red colored sword reflected light from the sun and his spiked black hair blew with the wind.

“New armor? You need to stop spending all your Zen on armor,” Roy said with a disgusted look.

“I know, I know,” Zeke said as if he were talking to hi mom telling him to clean his room.

With that said the two flipped their hands up along with their arms and blew a wind current. The current lifted them up and carried them as they continued to manipulate it.

As they stopped waving their arms the wind slowly died out. Their feet hit the ground and they both sprinted forward. Roy watched Zeke as he jumped up with a boost of wind over a wind block.

“You’re just too lazy to do it the right way.” Roy said as he looked through the wind wall.

“I just did. I jumped,” Zeke smiled.


Roy spun his arms up and landed on the other side of the wall. When Roy landed they started sprinting forward. “Alright on three,” Roy yelled. “One, two, three,” While they were running they spun around three times clockwise, spun their arms counter clockwise, and yelled. Huge gusts of wind formed in front of them and shot forward. The gusts of wind blasted open The Gates of Learning. Roy and Zeke quickly flipped backwards and landed. Their feet were sore from running. “Good. Good. You have done well to get here. So who shall we duel today?” Master Nenkai explained. Master Nankai was a very aged man. His white snowy beard went down to his waist and his hair he kept in a ponytail. He wore a white silky robe that covered his feet. “I know. You two shall battle me. I believe its time Zeke was promoted to rank nine.”

“But master I am still practicing my Tae Guek,” Zeke started to tremble.

“Oh. So then I must be a bad teacher. I’m sorry it is my fault you are weak and lazy.”

Roy spoke out even though it was not his place. “Master Nenkai Zeke works very hard to get here every day and is constantly practicing his Tae Gueks!”

“Excuse me? Perhaps you would like to test for your tenth rank?”

“I meant no disrespect sir it’s just that it angers me to see you not recognizing his ability.”

“What is done is done! You will pay for your actions.”

“I accept! If I lose then Zeke can take my rank. If I win he gets promoted!

“Very well, let’s see the ability of the Eon boy.”

Roy looked puzzled. Roy turned around and saw that he and Zeke were in a white arena. Many students dressed in black robes rose around. Eon? What? Roy thought to himself. Roy forgot about it and crouched down. He slid his foot forward on the arena until it couldn’t go any further. He knelt down on his back knee and raised one hand over his stretched leg and one over his knee, his dragon stance. Zeke grabbed his sword from the sheath on his back and pulled it out. He held it diagonally in front of him, his sword stance. They both stood back to back. Master Nenkai, without thinking, shot forward and wrapped his fists in a ball of wind. Roy got ready as he saw four students rise behind Master Nenkai.

Roy squinted. “Students.”

“Well that’s unfair,” Zeke smiled as if he got a certain satisfaction from it.

Master Nenkai tackled Roy. Zeke moved from behind Roy quickly. The four students ran forward and wrapped there whole arm with wind to make it like a blade. Zeke took his sword and swung horizontally. One student raised his arm and blocked the blade while another student rolled behind Zeke and tried to kick him. Zeke jumped causing the two students to fall into each other. Zeke had forgotten about the two other students as they swept their hands clockwise and rose up. One student shot a wind ball forward and Zeke noticed that as the ball flew threw the air it expanded more and more. Zeke absorbed the wind ball into his own biomass and expanded it around him to form a wind shield. “Try and touch me now,” Zeke laughed. The two students twitched at that.
Roy was still struggling to get out of Master Nenkai’s grip as they flew through the air. Roy brought up his knee and shoved it into Master Nenkai’s stomach. Master Nenkai let go of Roy and when he did Roy waved his hands in a circular motion without spinning his body. Roy brought in his hands close together and brought up one leg. He let his hands shoot forward and let a wind beam shoot out. Master Nenkai was to close to Roy to have done anything at all. Master Nenkai went backwards with such force he cracked the arena tiles before touching them. A student, as if out of nowhere, jumped up and caught Master Nenkai. “Man that’s starting to tick me off,” Roy jumped up out of sight. Quickly and without hesitation he shot down with a wind shield over him. Master Nenkai looked up and saw Roy speeding down. Master Nenkai grabbed the student who had caught him and threw him up towards Roy. Roy stopped almost instantly because he didn’t want to hit the student and possibly kill him. “Using one of your students as a shield, how come I never saw how heartless you were before Master Nenkai,” Roy said. Master Nenkai put on an angry look and jumped up to Roy. Master Nenkai quickly tried to grab Roy. Roy stuck out his bare foot and kicked Master Nenkai straight in the stomach. Master Nenkai wouldn’t let go of Roy’s leg. He flung Roy around three times and threw him into the ground. Roy slowly got up as he shook off all the rubble. “It’s time to end this,” Roy squinted and jumped up. He called “Zeke,” and stuck his open hand out. Zeke immediately threw his sword at Roy. Roy caught it and without hesitation swung upwards. Master Nenkai was slashed across the chest and fell. Just like that it was over. Roy swooped down and threw Zeke his sword back. “I believe its time for you to promote Zeke. Master,” Roy smiled.

Master Nenkai looked agitated. “Very well, anything else?”

“I didn’t like that tone but I do require something else.”

“Which is what?”

“I’d like to know of my mother. What happened to her?”

Master Nenkai look puzzled, “I know nothing of your mother.”

“Don’t test me. You called me Eon Boy, the boy of twilight. You are also of the sacred council. You know of my mother. My patience is running thin.”

“I was never supposed to tell you. But at your own will I shall.”


“Your mother, Namene, was born here in windia. She was a twilight being as she was born from a twilight mother, your grandmother. Twilight beings aren’t allowed here in windia because there powers are to great. They control no elements but they control twilight, the ability to manifest energy at your will and use it for anything. She normally lived in windia until her powers were discovered trying to save your father from a crime he did not commit. Afterwards she left and went to the spirits language, a language only twilight beings can understand. She spoke the language and opened the portal to twilight. When she went back the other twilight beings would not accept her for using her powers in front of beings. Her punishment was to kill you.”

Roy’s eyes widened along with Zeke’s. “What?”

“Yes. Her only chance to save you was to put you back into windia. How you were raised I don’t know.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this? How can I go to twilight and save her?”

“There is a way but it is dangerous. You must first go past winds current. You must then cross winds gate, you are the only one who could do this because you are the Eon Boy. Afterwards you must travel to Earthna and find the man in the black robe. Tell him Master Nenkai sent you. He should know you.” Finally you must acquire you Twilight sword, how to do that no one knows.”

“Thank you,” Roy felt strange saying that after he had just beaten Master Nenkai senseless.

With that said Roy ran towards Zeke and said “Come on. Lessons end here.” Zeke smiled and ran with Roy.

“Roy wait.” Roy turned around to see Master Nenkai standing up. “You have the power to control Wind, Earth, and Twilight.” Roy nodded and quickly turned around and ran. “Do you think he’ll find out Master Nenkai,” a student asked.

“I believe he will. I believe he will.”

Roy ran and ran in excitement. Zeke started to breathe heavily. “Come on, slow down.”

“Your just to slow,” Roy replied.

Roy’s feet pounded against the ground. Zeke’s armor rattled and shook as he tried to keep up with Roy. Roy thought for a moment about how he should’ve taken supplies for the journey. There were many supplies in winds current as every corner had a shop. Finally Roy stopped and Zeke stopped as well. They looked down the steep rocky cliff. “So this is the end of the physical land of wind’s current,” Roy said in amazement.

“I guess it is,” Zeke said. “I’ve never really been here before.”

“Neither have I. I always thought wind’s current was physical land but I guess from here we have to ride the currents until we get out to wind’s gate.”

“So let’s get started,” Zeke said as he clenched his sword.

Roy and Zeke recklessly jumped off the cliff. They felt the wind pounding against their bodies. Roy’s heart pained as he began to fear the giant rocks sticking out of the cliff. Roy suddenly noticed that hands had literally started to form from the rocks. The hands started to stretch out and try to grab him. Roy looked behind to see Zeke trying to avoid the hands as well. “The hands think we are in danger! They are trying to “save” us,” Roy said.

“I know! I think these are the hands that prevent anyone from going to winds gate to avoid the same fate as yours,” Zeke had to project his voice to compete with the noise of the wind zipping past his ears.

Roy looked at his wind emitting torn up arm. There were dozens upon dozens of cuts on his emitting arm. The accident had happened when Roy explored the mysteries of winds gate. His arm was cut and torn from the power of winds gate. How he even got passed this free falling cliff and to winds gate he doesn’t even know. “I suppose! Then we have no choice,” Roy yelled. Zeke nodded in agreement. The rock hands stretched and reached. Roy spun his hands forward and twisted three of the rock hands. It seemed as they kept falling more and more were coming. Zeke swung his sword more. Finally they could see the cliff no more. Before Roy could think he was swept away by a current with Zeke beside him. “We must gain control of the current and direct it towards wind’s gate,” Roy said.

“How do you know that will work? We can’t even control a current this big,” Zeke said as if he were talking to an idiot.

“I don’t know. I just know, ok? We have to try. Maybe if we direct the current into wind’s gate it will open. It’s just a wild guess!”

Zeke thought for a moment. “Ok fine.”

The wind dragged Roy and Zeke like a rag doll. Their bodies flung forward and back as the wind was their puppet master. Roy touched the wind and stuck his hand out. The wind slapped Roy’s hand. Zeke did the same. The wind slowed down but kept the same force against Roy and Zeke’s hand. It felt like a two ton brick trying to be held up. “Ok now see if you can lift the wind with me and raise it above our heads. Then fire it from your hand like a harpoon,” Roy said. Zeke nodded. The wind in their hands started to compress. They swept it over their heads and slowly thrust their hands forward. The wind slipped from their hands and gained speed. The wind took the shape of a spear and started to whistle as it pushed other wind out of its way. Roy’s eyes followed the wind spear as it hit wind’s gate. When it hit wind’s gate the spear exploded with wind. The wind energy spurted everywhere like a hose spitting water wildly. “Go,” Roy yelled as he pointed his finger towards wind’s gate. Wind’s gate started to slowly split open. They rode the current until the very end and jumped. Their bodies felt as if they were weightless. Their clothes started to shake wildly. “Come on, come on,” Roy started to get nervous as he whispered that to himself. “The gates closing,” Zeke’s eyes widened as he pointed to wind’s gate. Roy and Zeke got closer and closer to the ground and finally they landed on the other side of wind’s gate. They cushioned their fall with wind. “That was pretty close,” Zeke said.

“I know. For a second I thought we weren’t going to make it,” Roy said.

“So how did you know how to open wind’s gate?”

“I honestly don’t know. If the first time a tried my arm got torn up, then how did I know how to do it this time,” Roy felt puzzled.

“I’m not sure how to answer that.”

“We’ll think about it later. Come on I see the wind dragon’s tomb, Mirako,” Roy pointed towards a giant tornado that was spinning in the form of a dragon.

“Wow. Hard to believe our giant wind dragon god sleeps in there.”

Roy and Zeke ran forward but at a slight angle so they would not be hit with the force of Mirako’s tomb. Roy had so much on his mind. He had wondered about how his mother looked. He also wondered what kind of troubles she might be bearing right now. This made Roy angrier. “I hope she’s ok,” Roy murmured to himself. Roy and Zeke could finally see the Earthna kingdom. “Well looks like we have to look for the man in the black robe,” Roy said.

“That should be fun,” Zeke said with a certain tone.

“Come on.”

Roy and Zeke continued to run across what seemed like a barren desert. It had mountains and dirt piles, rocks, hidden creatures in which they all tried to avoid. Roy and Zeke arrived at the Earthna kingdom about an hour later. Shockingly to their surprise there were no guards or gates or anything to block them from coming into the Earthna kingdom. “Hello,” Zeke said softly. His voice echoed throughout the whole wasteland. Roy honestly didn’t even know if they were in Earthna yet. He just assumed they were because the rock and hill formations started to seem more town like and more civilized. Suddenly Roy heard fast paced footsteps. Zeke turned around. “Did you hear that,” Roy asked.

“What was that,” Zeke replied.

“I don’t know but I hear more than one.”

“Hello, anyone here?”

“Wait Zeke, listen.”

Roy and Zeke heard soft whispers. Roy turned around quickly. He saw a quick flash of a figure in the distance that had its face wrapped in brown bandages. His clothing was a light brown cloth that covered his upper body and he wore a sash across his chest that had many pouches. His pants were also light brown but they were somewhat fluffed. “Did you see that,” Roy asked.

“See what?”

“Nothing I thought I saw something. Or someone.”

Roy looked around as he heard more whispers and more footsteps. Zeke’s heart became heavy and his head started to hurt. Roy and Zeke franticly turned forward and back. Roy had finally lost it. “That’s it!” Roy released a huge wind bubble that spread across the wasteland relieving it of its smoke and mysteriousness. Zeke shielded himself with his arms from the force of the wind. Roy and Zeke stared forward only to see at least fifteen men or women in the clothes Roy had seen before. “What do you want from us,” Roy had asked.

“Your hearts,” the bandit like people had said.

“What? Do you have any idea what you’re saying?”

“Your hearts, we want them. The Earth god must be fed. His hunger will cause destruction.”

“Fine, you want them so badly. Come and get them!”

Roy crouched into his dragon stance. Zeke got into his sword stance. Roy had thought for a second the god’s hunger for hearts must be why this wasteland is so destroyed. The bandits had pulled out two curved swords that had seemed to come out of nowhere. The bandits had run faster than anything Roy had seen. They swung there curved blades at Roy. Roy felt proud as he dodged each one with a swift brief movement. The bandits showed no emotion whatsoever. Roy noticed that he was facing off against three bandits and one of them had quickly receded back and went towards Zeke. Roy started to feel worried as he noticed Zeke was facing off against four. “I’ve got to help him,” Roy whispered.

“You should worry about yourself instead of others,” the right bandit said.

Roy felt angrier as the right bandit said that. The left bandit swung his leg up in the air to knock Roy in the face. Roy stuck his hand up to block the kick. As the right bandit went to help the left bandit Roy grabbed the leg he had blocked and used it to hit the right bandit in the face. Both bandits fell to the ground in pain and their swords flew up in the air and stabbed the ground. The right bandit looked at the left bandit and said, “Are you ok?”

Roy smiled. “Hey, bandit.”

The bandit looked up. “You should worry about others instead of yourself.”

The bandit looked down at the ground and Roy ran to help Zeke. Zeke was constantly moving backwards blocking blows and swords. Roy ran faster. Zeke swung his sword horizontally and slashed one of the bandits. Roy watched as that bandit fell to the ground. Roy jumped up and shot three wind blasts out of his hands. Two of the three bandits looked at the wind blasts and ducked. The third bandit was sent flying. The other two bandits rose up and as they did Zeke punched one of them in the stomach and the other one Roy tackled. Roy covered his wind emitting arm in wind and elbowed the bandit in the mouth. He grabbed the bandit and lifted him off the ground. He flung him into the air and attached wind strings to him from afar. Roy pulled on the strings and the bandit came down hard into the ground and stayed there. Zeke grabbed the bandit he had punched shoved his body into the ground. Zeke saw the bandit’s foot rising up towards his face but it was too late. Zeke fell back for a moment but staggered to his feet and quickly blasted the bandit with a huge amount of wind. The bandit was so oblivious to what had just happened to him he instantly collapsed. “Well that’s all of them,” said Roy.

“They were pretty tough,” said Zeke rubbing his shoulder.

“I know. I wonder where they came from, probably some secret organization of bandits.”

“You think so? My grandfather use to tell me stories how bandits would raid the Earthna kingdom and live in earth’s jaws.”

“Sounds pretty weird, maybe we should check out earth’s jaws. Maybe we’ll find the man in the black robe there.”

“Ok. I think earth’s jaws are to the west of the tomb of the earth bear.”

“That should be easy since the tomb of the earth bear is the highest point in Earthna.”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Roy and Zeke set out to find earth’s jaws. They looked up at the sun to tell which way was west since they left their supplies, regrettably, at Windia. Roy and Zeke finally saw the tomb of the earth bear, Ezekiel. When they did they ran past it and kept going in the direction they were going. They happened to stumble upon some lost lorwyns, flying mermaids, kais, whales who swim in the ground, and griffins, eagles with four legs. They decided to stay away from the creatures thinking they might be darkened. Roy spotted a dark cave in the distance that was shaped like a jaw with ragged teeth. “Earth’s jaws,” Zeke yelled as he pointed his sword in that direction.

“Looks like a wonderful place where I would love to spend the rest of my life dying,” Roy said sarcastically.
“I know what you mean. Well all we have to do is find some creepy, dark, shady looking guy.”

“You just love to make people smile, don’t you?”

Zeke smiled. Roy laughed and turned his head towards the cave again which immediately took away his laughter. They slowly walked towards the cave in fear. The dark coldness of the cave seemed to reach out at them. The jagged rocky teeth of the cave felt like they were going to bite down on them any second. Roy’s foot slowly inched into the cave. Zeke clenched onto his sword but didn’t take it out of the sheath. Roy could see nothing in an instant. “I can’t see,” said Zeke.

“I know. We should’ve bought a lantern,” said Roy.


“I don’t think anyone’s here, Zeke.”

“I know but I feel as if there is someone here, watching.”

“Maybe we should get out of here.”

As soon as Roy said that the jagged rocky teeth clamped down hard. “We’re trapped,” Roy yelled. Zeke looked around in terror knowing he could not see a thing. Roy stuck both of his hands out to look for Zeke, to feel some kind of textural being. Suddenly Zeke yelled. “Zeke,” Roy said. “Zeke, where are you?” Roy repeatedly asked this question but never got an answer. A light shimmered in the darkness. The warmth had reached Roy in an instance. Roy turned to stare at the light. He could see no one behind it, just a floating flame. Roy went to touch the light but as soon as he did at least a hundred other lights lit up in the cave. Roy looked around but could see no one behind the lights. “Hello,’ Roy said.

“Who are you,” a dark voice said.

“My name is Roy. I am the Eon Boy, the boy of twilight.”

“We are the council of bandits. We protect Earthna from invaders. You must be the boy with his friend who took out a decent amount of our bandits.”

“Yes I am. I’m sorry they said they needed out heart’s, to feed the earth bear.”

“Yes. That is true. The earth bear accepts hearts as offerings.”

“We couldn’t give them our hearts though.”

“We understand. You have come here for a purpose?”

“Yes. I am here to find the man in the black robe. Master Nenkai sent me.”

“Master Nenkai, my old friend. Very well.

At that moment the whole cave lit up. Many lanterns were hanging from rocks and boulders. The cave floor was wet and damp. Roy turned to the right and saw Zeke walking towards him. “Where did you go,” Roy asked.

“I was captured by a bandit for the whole conversation. He finally let me go,” Zeke explained.

“Oh ok.”

Roy felt like that was a foolish explanation but he accepted it anyway. A man in a black robe started to walk towards Roy. “You must be the man in the black robe,” Roy said as he looked up. The man had a black hood covering his face and his body was engulfed in his robe.

“Yes I am,” said the man.

“So what information will you provide me with?”

“I shall open a gate way for you. A gate way that leads to spirits language that will then transport you to Twilight.”

“But how do I get my weapon?”

“No one knows. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.”

Roy looked behind the man to see bandits jumping and practicing sword techniques. “Ok. Can we just go to spirits language?”

“Yes. Follow me.”

The man turned around and started to walk. Roy followed assuming Zeke was behind him. Roy turned his head to the right and to the left to see more bandits sleeping, training, running, jumping, meditating, and fighting. Roy noticed that the man in the black robe was actually quite tall. Roy compared him to Zeke considering Zeke was fairly tall. Roy and Zeke followed the man into a dark tunnel. The man suddenly waved his hands up and then thrust them down. Roy heard the cave turning and he lost his balance. Zeke started to wobble as well. The cave had turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees and ended up in a light room. “How come none of the other bandit’s earth manipulated,” Roy quickly asked.

“We are forbidden to show our earth powers to wind beings. That’s why I had to make sure you couldn’t see,” said the man.

They continued to walk into the room. The room smelled quite nice and had a bed and one lantern. There were no practicing dummies or anything else like that. Roy felt calm again after being in that dark cave. Zeke looked around and started to touch the rocks. The man went into a dark corner and Roy instantly saw a white portal. Roy didn’t want to question it he just wanted to go in it. “There is no time to explain. You must go now,” the man said. Roy and Zeke ran forward and jumped into the portal not knowing what it could hold. Roy and Zeke spun in circles and swirled around wildly. They fell to the ground. There faces hit cold rock. There bodies were still adjusting to the coldness that bit at them. The portal ride was not as pleasant as they would’ve liked either. They booth stood up quickly afraid that they might be attacked instantly. “Look,” Zeke pointed forward. Orange letters seem to appear in a sequence in mid air. They seemed to whisper in Roy’s ear but Roy didn’t think Zeke could hear it. Roy heard more whispers in his ear saying bending. Bending, Roy thought. “Zeke, we have to wind manipulate,” Roy yelled.

“Zeke was honestly tired of asking why so he started to manipulate. Roy started to follow Zeke’s patterns. The spirit’s language formed into orange energy beings. The orange energy beings seemed to be shadowing them. They copied every move and finally opened a second portal. “Joy, another portal,” Zeke said sarcastically. They jumped through the portal and this time the ride seemed quick. They opened their eyes and saw floating pieces of land. They looked around only to see energy constantly rising in the air. Roy looked down to see his wind emitting arm was now emitting energy, pure energy. The energy looked like a flowing river of white. “Zeke look,” Roy raised his arm up and showed it to Zeke.

“That’s weird.”

“I know. Maybe it’s because I’m in twilight.”

“Maybe, come on lets look for your mom, Namene.”

“Ok,” Roy felt extremely excited and happy that Zeke had said that. He wanted to find his mother so badly. Roy and Zeke jumped up to go to another platform. They slowly rose in the air and slowly landed. They figured that there was low gravity in twilight. “Look,” Roy said as he pointed to a giant platform. They jumped from platform to platform in anxiousness. There feet slowly patted the ground on the giant platform. They saw a man kneeling to nothing. They walked towards him. The man slowly stood up. “Hello. Can you help us,” Roy asked.

“You know nothing,” the man said. The man had short white hair and he wore no shirt. His back was tattooed with the symbol of a black dragon.
“Excuse me?”

“One who understands nothing can know nothing.”

“What are you talking about? I just want to find my mother.”

“Yes. Namene, what a pure soul. She prayed for her son to have a beautiful life.”

“How do you know of my mother,” Roy exclaimed.

“She is of twilight, connected to it in every way. Her soul will slowly fade into lost energy of this realm.”

“Shut up! You know nothing of my mother,” Roy yelled and when he did Zeke jumped.

“Don’t I? I am the one who holds her contract here. I am the one who let you live in exchange for her.”


“When her penalty was to kill her only child she could not bring herself to do it. So I made her a contract. She can let you live on your own but in exchange, I get her life and soul. She shall fade into energy like all other beings in this realm!”

The man turned around. His face was not tattooed like his back. His pants were pure white in perfect condition. His hand was suddenly filled with a sword made of energy. His upper body was cut somewhat, most likely from previous battles. Roy got into his dragon stance and looked at Zeke on the floor. Roy’s eyes widened and turned to the man. The mans hand was out pointed in Zeke’s direction. “No need for assistance.” Roy squinted his eyes. The man shot forward and swung his sword. Roy jumped up and the sword missed. Roy threw a kick at the man but the man ducked them punching Roy in the stomach. The man grabbed Roy’s arm and swung him into the gray floating platform. Roy got up and noticed the man jumping backwards. Roy figured out he wanted to charge up some sort of energy blast to take Roy off the map. Roy rose his energy emitting arm and suddenly not knowing how shot a white ray of energy. “Yes,” Roy whispered. The man didn’t have time to react so he was sent flying by the ray. Roy didn’t give him anytime to even think. He charged towards the man and started to punch him rapidly. The man finally caught one of Roy’s fists thus swinging him into a floating platform. The platform shattered. Roy felt the pain in his back but quickly forgot about it. He flew forward; Roy favored the low gravity here, and tackled the man back into the giant platform. Roy didn’t know why he took the time to do this but he looked up at the sky to see that it looked like space, it had bright cosmic colors. Roy realized doing this was a mistake as the man kicked Roy up and shot Roy point blank with an energy beam. Roy was getting tired. Roy was getting tired and shot a beam as big as he could. Roy felt like pouring all his energy into the beam. The beam nailed the man straight on. The man screamed and shouted please but it only made Roy put more energy into it. The man felt more and more pain as more energy flew into the beam. The man flew out of the beam and flew towards Roy. Roy had little time to react as he was just stopping his energy beam. The man round house kicked Roy directly in the face Roy flew down fast. He landed in the platform and formed a giant crater. Roy’s body went num for a second. The man laughed. “I can’t believe you still haven’t found out who I am,” The man said.

Roy raised an eyebrow, “What? I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

“Yes you have. You’re my little student.”

“Master,” Roy said with exclamation.

“Finally you figured it out. I have used my energy to transform my appearance. It’s quite simple really.”

“You betrayed me!”

“No. I made sure you were ready at the arena. In that sense I helped you.”

“Shut up! You hold my mother here in forever captivity!”

“Oh please. She stayed here herself. In any case it does not matter. It is time to end this.”

The man flew forward with the speed of light. A light beam shot out of Roy’s chest. It stopped the man dead center.

“Mom,” Roy asked.

“Yes my son.”

“I missed you,” Roy started to tear up.

“Do not cry I am free, once you defeat your master.”

“But you cannot come to the real world with me.”

“That is true. But I’ll be with you in spirit.”

“No. I shall live here with you.”

“No. This is my cross to bear. You will go home. Live your life happily.”


“No. You will go,” as Namene said that she hugged Roy into her arms. With that Namene exploded her energy into Master Nenkai. Roy heard a voice.

“I love you son.”

“I love you mom.”

The energy being slowly faded away and Roy couldn’t forget her. Roy slowly walked towards Zeke. “I saw the whole thing Roy, you know with your mom,” Zeke said. Roy remembered his mom’s brown eyes. Her soft blonde hair, the robe she wore that was as white as her skin.

“Where were you during the fight? Where did master put you,” Roy asked that but felt weird at still calling him “Master”.

“I was in a suspended animation. My body was lost but my mind still intact. I woke up when your mom killed him.”

“Oh,” Roy frowned.

“Don’t worry you’ll see her again.”

“I know, and someday she’ll come back with me.”

“Let’s go home.”

With that said Roy walked back with Zeke with a smile. His mind filled with joy, his smile filled with happiness, and his heart filled with love.

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victor said...
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this is actually my story but i hope it engages you guys and im sorry if it get a little confusing...but this is my first teen ink story posted..and my first attempt..so enjoy my story!=)


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