Just Another Teenage Vampire

June 19, 2008
By Brooke Martineau, Turners Falls, MA

A girl ran through the seemingly endless forest. Branches whipped at her face. She took another deep breath.
'I have to find it!' She scolded herself. The forest faded into nothing when she realized, she didn't know what she was looking for.
Claire sat up straight in bed, gasping for air. Her light brown, wavy hair fell at once around her pure white cheeks. She looked around, and gave a sigh of relief.
It was just a dream.
Claire had the same dream for two weeks straight now. She didn't know what it meant, but it deffinately wasn't just a normal nightmare.
She hopped out of bed and stared at her closet, trying to distract her mind. She didn't really care what to wear. Claire grabbed a pair of worn jeans and threw on one of the designer shirts her mother bought her.
Although her mom tried to dress her up, Claire wasn't that big of a fan of clothes.
She ran to the bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush.
Claire looked at her teeth in the mirror.
Her fangs were like roses in the snow. They stuck out above all other teeth. She sighed at them like every morning.
"Let's go!" Claire's mom yelled from downstairs.
"Comming..." She sighed, inaudable. Her brother ran past the door in a hurry, cursing.
Claire brushed her teeth and hair. She ran downstairs and grabbed her backpack.
Looking up, she smiled at the overcast above. She let her fangs slip through her parted lips for a heartbeat.
"Stop showing off." Her brother said in a hushed tone. Claire hopped into the car.
"Shut up, Leon." Claire whispered as their mom got in the car. They drove in silence as the family drove to school.
The car stopped suddenly, not surprising Claire or Leon. Leon bolted away, joining a group from his baseball team, and Claire walked over to her mom.
"Do you have your homework?" Claire's mom asked from the driver's seat, "You're a Freshman now, and you can't let your grades slip."
"Yes, Bye." She sighed and kissed her mother. Claire's mom put her hand to her mouth.
"Do you have something in your mouth?" She asked, confuzed.
"No." Claire said simply.
She drove off, mumbling something about braces. Claire shivered.
No way her mom was tieing her teeth down with metal. What would happen if her mom found out she was a Vampire?
Claire shook her head.

She didn't even want to think about it.

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