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June 17, 2008
It was a Monday morning, a fresh new start to the week. I was standing at my locker attempting to crack the code: “50, 34, 27; click.” I flung open my locker as the buzz of weekend gossip grew louder and louder. As I innocently dropped in on a few conversations, I wondered how every weekend, so many people could manage to get drunk, ad just make complete fools of themselves? It completely phased me, being that we live in a small town, whatever you did on the weekend managed to hit the halls as hard as the liquor they had consumed that weekend.

I am currently attending St. Joseph’s high school, it is a quiet, small, catholic school, that just suits our tiny little town perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t say that I never go out to parties on weekends, have a little bit too much to drink, and fell for that line. However four years of small town-big mouth high school will help you learn from your mistakes a lot more easier when the whole school bases their opinions on your weekend stories being tossed around the hallway like a rag doll. With every rip and tear in the story, people stitch it up with their false assumptions or fun little jokes, that get taken seriously and passes on to the next gossip-starving audience.

As I pull out my grade twelve Biology notebook, I sigh. Just thinking about the continued lesson on molecules makes me want to crawl back into my warm and cozy bed. What was a molecule anyways? Can you see them? Can you break them apart? With all of these lingering questions, I decided it was in my best interest to get to class.

Grade twelve biology was not exactly my favourite class, but I was still somehow bringing in the marks that made the parents proud. As I lazily walk in the room, I glance at my empty desk. Perfect, that seat was once again mine, and just mine. Although I complain about this class, deep down it was always the highlight of my day. You see, I sat right beside this guy named Charlie who walked in about thirty seconds after the bell everyday. I wondered why today he was so early? This question burning a deep hole in my mind. Was he in trouble? Did he need help with his homework? Hmm… a question that would more than likely never be answered.

I slid in my chair, looked up, and flashed Charlie a quick warm smile. Like I did, day after day. He never failed at returning that friendly grin. Except for today, when he glanced over, smiled, opened his mouth, and said “hey.” Barely hesitant, I politely said hi back, but to tell you the truth, I was puzzled.

“Brrrriiiiinnnngggg……” The bell rang. The next sound filling my head, the scattering of worn out sneakers, as people scrambled to their seats. “Welcome to another day of grade twelve biology,” the teacher said In her monotonic voice. Just as I was taking out my pen, I noticed something fall gently on my desk, almost as if it had been carried by the wind. Intrigued, I open up the piece of paper. A note from.. Charlie.

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