My Knight

June 16, 2008
By Ethan Fields, Elk Run Heights, IA

I’m a nerd. I’ll get that out of the way immediately. I mean, I’m not like the dude in the cartoons. Basically, I get good grades and I’m proud of it. I don’t wear glasses and my braces don’t cause a lisp or require headgear. I might be part of the chess club, but so are some non-nerds. I do take all advanced classes, but some ultra-popular people do too. I play a couple sports, tennis, golf, and softball. Also, I can’t get a date, almost no matter what. I guess I’m just too nerdy. I admit that I love reading. I also admit I adore medieval times. I guess that that basically was the start of the story.

Near my home town, there is a field that holds a renaissance fair all summer-long. After a few summers of basically living there; they hired me to be the good knight my sophomore summer. I get to rescue a fair princess all summer! I couldn’t wait to have the chance. The first day, after spending forever getting my suit of armor on, I finally was able to see the princess I was going to rescue. I almost let out a shriek. It was the most beautiful and popular girl in my school. She looked at me, without a single glint of recognition in her eyes. I was going to rescue her. I almost slapped my face. Instead, I just said my lines and ended the show. I was going to have to do this ritual almost every day this summer.

After a long and sweaty summer, school finally started. I was ready for being a nerd again. I put on my clothes and waited for the bus. When the bus finally came, I was about to sit in my usual front seat. But, before I could, I was waved over by none other than Miss Beautiful herself. After sitting next to her, she looked me in the eyes. She said, “Aren’t you that gorgeous knight from the fair?”

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