The Vampire and the Werewolf

June 14, 2008
By Damia Patrella, Horseshoebend, AR

I thought about Alastair.Friday night had been unbelivible.I had found out that Alastair is a werewolf and he had found out that I am a vampire.Monday was going to be a challenge for I would have to face Alastair in all of my classes.I will have to find a new best friend now.Uhg, this is going to be terrible.I had always been dependent on Alastair to help me through all of my problems.Another reason why all of this is so terrible to me is because I care for Alastair as more than a friend.I am in love with him.Now that I know what he is though I will end up with some vampire who I will never truly love.I wish I could be normal.If I was a normal person I could fall in love, get married, and start a family.I coant though for vampires are not fertil beings.Alastair is the only person who respects me and likes me for who I am.Everyone else describes me as peculiar.Alastair always described me as a awesome,loyal friend.Plus out of everyone who I have had the choice to hang out withi have always had a preference for him.Alastair and I are not the only people in school who are other creatures.Our principle is a vampire as well.Without Alastair I will probably become a solitary person.I close my eyes.I sleep.When I wake up it is Monday morning.Back to school.My outfit must be suitable.It must say "look-I-am-still-the-same-person-I-was-before."I am now at school.I close my eyes and tell myself to breath.I open my eyes to see Alastair standing infront of me with a smile on his face.
"Hey Carina."he said lightly.
"Hi Alastair.How have you been?"
"Not too bad.Hey I've been thinking.Remember the first time we met?It was one year ago at the army surplus.You know I never told you but I always loved the contrast that your icy skin had with your black clothes." I nodded remembering.This was going differently than I thought it would.My attitude started to transform. He then just stopped and searched every part of my face.The next five minutes he continued to analyze my face.
"At least now I know why your skin is so pale." he said with a small laugh.The bell then rang signaling the start of class."Well lets go we dont want to be anymore late for class than we already are."
"Yeah.I replied."Lets go." Well I guess we are still in the friends category.I smiled embracing htis thought.We ahd Science first.When we walked in Amber,also known as miss perfect, sneered at me in discust.We were then told by Mrs.Osgood that we will be disecting frogs today.Of course Alastair and I partnered up.It had always been that way.Half-way through the procdure Amber came over and I immediatly thought "Oh,Joy."
"You know you'r doing that wrong Carina?Well you are.You'r doing it all wrong.God you can't do anything right can you?"
"Amber stop being so critical."Alastair shot back.She grimmaced in frustration and walke back to her table.I watched Alastair carefully cut into the fragile frogs skin."Wow!He's so gentle."I thought.I then mad ea deliberate decision.I would tell him the truth.After class I told Alastair that I needed to talk to him privatly, so we went into th egarden in the backj of the school and sat down on the bench.I knew that when I told him the truth he would immediatly start to indicate why we wouldn't work out.But I would have to take that chance.Well here I go.My pulse raced as I opened my mouth to say it.

"Alastair,I love you."

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