Wow, what a year this has been for me I tell you what. From getting kicked out of my house and moving up here in Michigan with my dad (in less then 48 hour span), not having anything but one suitcase of clothes and no money to my name. Realizing that I really only have a few ''friends'' and the rest really didn't give a damn that I left. Going to a new school and being one of the most well known people there. Being on the varsity track team and it was my first time ever running Track & Field my whole life. Those are just some of the things.
It was on January 14, 2007. I remember I was already in a bad mood because the Patriots beat the Chargers in the NFL Playoffs. So I’m laid there in my bed when all of a sudden, my mom’s storms in with my report card in her hand (with the usual D's & F's on it). But for some reason she was madder than usual. But the report card wasn't all she was pissed about. She told me “you haven’t been hanging out with the family.”
I yelled at her at said “that’s not true!”
Then she was still yelling at me and she said, “You treat your brother wrong, and you don’t like you like your step dad at all and it’s tearing the family apart” (which I heard all the time from her). So this time she decided to tell me “You can’t leave my room for the whole night and we’re going to have a LONG talk with me in the morning.”
So I’m still laid down watching TV and all of a sudden she comes in again even more pissed off and I don’t have a clue why. The only thing I remember out of the whole argument was when she said, "you treat the family like sh*t" and she also said, “I’m tired of you and I want you out of here as soon as possible.” I know she was mad at the time she said all of this, but the fact that she said it made me do just that.
I called my dad and told them to come get me. He asked why and I told him because “mom and I got into a huge argument and she told me to just pack up my clothes and she wanted me out as soon as possible.”
“Ok ill get a plane ticket and I’ll be out there as soon as I can.” My dad said it in a calm tone.
While they were all asleep I decided to go in the basement and get a suitcase and put some clothes in it, along with the tooth brush and all that other stuff. Then I put the stuff in the laundry room. I called a couple of "friends" and told them that I was moving in the morning.
That morning I called up my best friend Tyler and told him “hey man, come scoop me up so I can take my suitcase over there.” I couldn't eat I was so nervous, the fact that I had just packed up and I was actually going to leave the state in less than a day. So after I had talked to my dad about the whole situation, he got a flight straight from Detroit to St. Louis. Meanwhile I went back home to get some other things, well that didn't happen. To get to the point I had a bank card that I had all my money that I earned from my job. She took it and there was nothing I could do about it, she also took the house key. Tyler was mad as hell, “I’ll see what I can do about this” Tyler said. So he decided to go in there and get it but that didn’t work. I told him to drop me off at Danielle's (my other best friend) which was just across the other neighborhood from me. She gave me food to eat, and she talked to me about the situation and telling me that “everything is going to be ok.” Danielle was a lot a help but it just wasn't enough to help me get on my feet.
An hour or so later my dad showed up and I thought everything was all good. We drove back to my moms to tell her that I was leaving for good. She said she wanted to talk to me and to change my mind, I said no, I said “we always say that we'd do better but we never do.” I told my brother Justin and Keith (my step-dad) good bye, as well as my mom but all she could say was just leave. I tried giving her a hug but she pushed me away. The only thing I remember her telling me and my dad is that "you’re gonna pay for what we did". She thought that we had planned this long before or something, but whatever. Did I make a mistake? Sometimes I still wonder if I should have just stayed there.
Well it’s been a little over a year and I’m still here in Detroit living with my dad. I love it here, I attend Clarkston high school. It’s a pretty cool school, I like it a lot better than my old school that’s for sure. The people up here aren’t bad either. I’ve made a couple of really good friends up here so it’s all good. On mothers day weekend, my dad and I went down to Indianapolis to be with the family, my mom also decided to go there too so I can spend some time with her and talk.
Two hours of venting, and being one-hundred percent honest with each other really can do something to a person. We apologized for the things that we did to each other in the past. But then she asked me to come back home with her for good, but I had to let her down softly and tell her no. “I enjoy my life as it is, I love my school and I enjoy my friends, the new environment, and I’m stress free which is the main reason why I like it up here” I said. I’m usually the kind of person who hates change, but maybe that was something that I needed in my life, change.

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Kimberly M. said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 10:15 am
I love this.
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