Playing with Fire

June 13, 2008
By Samantha Curtis, Tigard, OR

It was hot. Really hot. The kind of hot that makes you want to run inside after crisping yourself all day kind of hot. My face felt like it was on fire. Or at least around my eyebrow area. I grumbled to myself as I felt myself go cross-eyed in attempts to see the damage to my brow. As I was contemplating the situation of my singed hair I stuck my hands under the cool water that pumped out of the running faucet before me.
I had been so close too, if only I hadn’t tried my luck with the last green wire. Feeling my heartbeat grow I let a grin cross my face. If I had gotten it right I would have had the explosive power to take out a skyscraper, why wouldn’t I try my luck, its just not like me!
Leaning forward to turn off the water and grab the nearest towel, I found my thoughts wandering to a certain dark haired roommate of mine that was going to be unpleasant for the rest of the evening because of the mess I made. Taylor was surly going to have a hissy fit and I will most definatly be on the receiving end of it. Taylor is a rather small boy in comparison to myself. He has shaggy dark brown hair and comes up to about my chin in height. He’s gangly like a teenager and cant grow facial hair to save his life. Other than looking like a prepubescent boy, he does have one appealing attribute. The kid is a brilliant thief. He could make off with $100,000 in under twenty minutes if he really tried, which is why I like to keep him around.

But the idea of him staying around much longer after what I did to his room is questionable. I sighed as I finished drying off my hands. Every square inch of his room is currently covered in a layer of black. Well on the bright side, at least I didn’t blow it out of the building. I rub my chin thoughtfully, pondering if that would be a good excuse to get out of a lecture.

“God my ears are going to be ringing for the next week.” I finally whine as I drop the towel and make my way towards the living room.

I dodged around the corner and grinned as my gaze fell upon my second roommate’s hunched shoulders, Saul. Now this guy was a piece of work, his glare could pierce my very soul and make me spit out all the mischief I’ve been up to for the past month. But the great thing about Saul is that he frankly doesn’t give a crap about what Taylor or I do as long as he gets his fare share of the profit.

“I didn’t hear anything if that’s what you’re going to ask,” he said sourly.

This was his famous attitude that I have come to love so dearly during the past 6 months all of us have been living together. Saul was a hacker, but not your average run of the mill hacker like the ones that steal identities and surf bank accounts. No, Saul was the hacker that could tap into government files and traffic signals and screw around with people’s lives for hours on end. He came off cool, calm, and collected, but the guy was so interested in messing with the fundamentals of society that he barley ever left his computer. This of course is completely fine with me.

I raised my hand to scratch the itch on my scalp, further ruffling my already messy blonde hair and grin. ‘I didn’t hear anything’, ah what a wonderful fraise to hear. An on going rule in our shabby little apartment is ‘if you get caught, I don’t know you’. I like this rule a lot, seeing as it applies most to all of us, and if we all got caught at some point we’d probably be sentenced to life because of all the mayhem we’ve caused. This little fraise of ours has also gotten us out of a few tight binds as well. Like this one time with an interrogator, but that’s another story.

I turned my head as the familiar sound of our squeaky door being opened. Taylor was home, which meant hell for my sensitive ears. It was going to be a long night, I could feel it.

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