The Halloween Scare

June 15, 2008
By shayla hooper, Mission Hills, CA

Once there lived two brothers named Hudson and Jaylen. Hudson was a laidback Type of guy. And Jaylen n was super hyper active guy. They lived in a cozy house Next to the forest. Jaylen couldn’t wait till Halloween came which was in one more day.
Because he finally gets to go in the empty abandon house which was down the block in a empty lot that has been sitting there for years. All of Jaylen’s friends tell him that the House is haunted and a man went inside and never came back out. But Jaylen doesn’t believe What there saying and is dying to go inside to see what’s up in the place and to see if he can Find the man that went inside and never came back out. So Hudson and his friends are planning a trick to play on Jaylen. Hudson is going to be the old man that scares the crap out of Jaylen. So the next night it was Halloween and Jaylen and Hudson and there friends was walking over to The haunted house when they got there they noticed feet prints that never been there before As there friends are saying okay Jaylen go in Jaylen chickens out and says no guys it’s a Full moon and I really don’t want to do this what if a bat or vampire or maybe even a were wolf Comes and gets me. Then Hudson says I knew you would back down. You always do this on last Minute. As the boys were walking back home Jaylen decides to look back at the house and sees Someone with red eyes staring at him he gets super creeped out and says GUYS there’s Something back there with red eyes it looks like a vampire with wings…the boys say yeah Sure whatever. And till this day Jaylen has nightmares of what he saw and no one ever believed Him till one day he just disappeared and never came back!

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