Once Upon a Dark October

June 12, 2008
One day when the last leaves had fallen off the trees, the wind blew into the forest of red and orange. In-between two cider trees a railroad track stood its ground dividing the forest in two.

Upon the quietest hour of the day an ancient black train slid across the forest, crushing all the leaves in its path. As if by magic the train stopped and an old magician emerged. He looked at the forest and looked at the tracks. The forest maid him smile, but as he saw the tracks a frown appeared on his face. The old magician could not talk, but in his head he thought of the future; more people would move in and live next to the tracks. “No!” his head screamed. “If anyone is to play on these tracks, set an enchanted word to frighten them away!” When the sun set past the horizon, the old man’s heart sunk into the ground, and no one ever saw him again.

Ninety-nine years and two months passed and just as the magician had predicted a small group of houses encircled the very tracks where the trees had once been. Two boys on their bikes passed by and the wind from their speed lifted a few leaves that laid on the hard ground. “This way!” the first boy shouted. Both boys stopped right in the middle of the tracks. “let’s see how many golf balls we could find this time.” The second one said. But not more than a second had passed by, when the sky turned dark and the sun no longer shined. A strong wind blew from the south and both bikes fell to the ground. “This place is creepy!” one shouted. The sky cleared for a second for they had said the cursed word, creepy. The clouds came together in a tighter circle lighting flashed and thunder crashed. Then as if nothing had happened, the big blue cleared up. “Really creepy!” The other shouted, unaware of the danger ahead.

When the blanket of darkness covered the earth and all was dark, the moon rose in a bloody red color. When the stars came up they became dim and lifeless. Hours passed and the night weeped her colors away. When morning came, it was a beautiful day, but in reality nature was crying herself awake. Now were the trees an the forest had once settled a new neighborhood grew.

And even to this day, if you recite the enchanted words near the long forgotten tracks, something bad will happen... especially on hollows’ eve.

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