Madelyn's twin

June 12, 2008
By Jacquie Robinson, Lemoore, CA

*Ring, Ring* Madelyn walked across her living room and reached for the phone. “Hello?” She asked. “This is the Baywood city police department. Is Mrs. Grant there?” The voice on the other line said. “No, would you like to leave a message?” Madelyn said. “Yes, the plane in which Madeleine Grant was traveling in has lost contact with the station. It is possible that it has crashed in the small island off the coast of Baywood. In that case she is surly no more.... Because of the dense forest we will start a search tomorrow... if she doesn’t come in contact, that is.” Madelyn hung up the phone.

Just a few minutes ago her twin sister had cheerfully left the house. “She can’t be dead.” Madelyn said to herself. “She just went for a short flight and she’ll be back anytime soon.” But half an hour later Madeleine had not returned. Madelyn ran out of the house and down the street. A cool breeze hit her face. With in a few steps Madelyn’s feet hit the soft sand of a beach. Her eyes searched around the sand and water. Many tourists laid scattered trough out the scenery. Finally her eyes were fixed on a figure that was descending from the lifeguard tower.

“Jace,” Madelyn cried, “The police called and said Madeleine’s plane crashed in the desolate island.” Jace stared at his friend. “Your sister crashed?” “I don’t know.” Madelyn screamed. “We need to find her, now.” She said. The two teens began to jog alongside the beach. The salt water splashed at their feet, but they didn’t stop. Together they ran until they were the onley ones in sight. At last they came to an old powerboat. Madelyn and Jace pushed it till it reached the waterline. Then they were off. And with each wave that broke on the surface they wandered further and further from the main land. The hours passed and at last the small boat reached a sand bar. “Why does this have to happen to me?” Madelyn said to no one in particular. “Why couldn’t it be that meanie Jane down the street, Why does it have to my sister who is missing?” “It’s ok Madelyn, we’ll find her.” Jace reassured her.

The two pulled the small boat onto the sand bar before they waded trough some knee-deep water in order to reach the island. “Oh, I would trade anything for my sister to be alive.” Madelyn said in a quite little voice. She followed Jace up the beach and soon they came up to a forest. There were trees everywhere. Trees of all kinds, oak, nut, pine and maple... “Oh this is all my fault.” Madelyn told Jace. “I shouldn’t have told her the weather was nice.” “It’s not your fault she crashed.” Jace said. “But if I hadn’t told her about the weather, she would not have gone flying.” Madelyn responded. “She would have gone anyway.”

The light began to fade into the trees and Madelyn and Jace realized that it would be too dangerous to try to return to the main land. Swiftly they gathered logs and branches that could be found scattered on the forest quickly they built two small shelters and completed them with moss and grasses. When it was too dark to see they gathered wood and with stones they created a fire. Madelyn lighted a long stick and it lit her way around the forest. But the fog began to roll in and soon Madelyn knelt inside her shelter wandering why it all happened.

Madelyn opened her eyes. A large spider was hanging from a single tread and was slowly lowering it’s self to her head. Carefully Madelyn crawled out of the shelter and found Jace roasting nuts by the fire. “Well, I guess we better find Madeleine.” Madelyn sighed. Jace stood up and slowly they left the little camp. They walked trough the thick brush and pushed aside the low branches. All of the sudden they found a piece of metal, then another and another. And finally they came to a twisted and partly burnt Cessna hybrid. Madelyn began crying. For the first time she released surly there was no way Madeleine could have survived. A tear also escaped Jace. Then Madelyn and Jace walked up to the plane. Madelyn lifted herself to the window. There was no one in the plane. Confused the two teens walked around the ruined metal. From above they heard a helicopter. Then Madelyn thought she heard someone behind her. Madelyn ignored the sound till a familiar sound filled her ears. “What are you guys doing here?” Madelyn and Jace turned around to see Madeleine running towards them. A sudden joy filed Madelyn. Madeleine was well and alive, with onley a broken arm.....

As the morning cleared, a helicopter lifted the three teens in the air and flew them home.

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