Fresh River Find

June 12, 2008
By Jacquie Robinson, Lemoore, CA

“On your mark, get set, GO!” I ran towards the rope that was tied to a tree, got hold of it and ”weeee, ” I flew into the air then hit ‘sea’ of rushing water. Fresh river water. ”Ahhh this is cold! ” I thought to myself. ”What a refreshing bath. ” I came up for air then swam back to the bottom. I reached my left arm and pulled my camera off it’s holder. ”Uh, ” a bunch of scales touched my right leg. I whirled around, Click, and snapped a photo of a rainbow trout. I looked up and saw four pair of feet. ”How odd.” The biggest pair was black. Then there was a matching smaller pair of four. The other two pairs of feet where between brown and gold in color. ”Wait a minute”. I swam up and saw my dogs Chef and Kisha and their friends Maggie and Roxie. On top of Maggie, who is a huge lab, was my cat Vicious.

I giggled a bit for the sight was quite funny. Click. I snapped another photo. I dove down to the bottom of the river. Little pebbles squished under my feet as I reached the bottom. I saw shell and click, I took a photo of it too. Suddenly something shiny caught the side of my eye. It glittered in the rising sun. Click, I snapped a quick photo and came up for air. ”Could it be silver? ” I dove down to the spot and looked at the sparkly object. I tried to pick it up but ”yikes” the thing went ‘snap!’ Up at the surface I could hear loud barking then BOOM! All of a sudden I know what was going on. As fast as a wahooo, which can swim at forty-five miles per hour, or maybe a salmon who can swim even faster, I raced to the surface. Racing against time every second counted. On one of my legs I dragged the silver thing. There was another BOOM, but no barking. The four dogs where snarling quietly waiting for the right time to attack. ”Maggie, ” I whispered. Maggie swam to me and as I grabbed her neck, she pulled me some ten feet to the river’s edge. There was a little cry and a small, brown, dog sized object ran from out of the woods. I ran to the swimming rope and after pulling it a certain way it fell at my feet. I threw the rope at the brown thing and thankfully caught it. The dogs stood back a bit and the cat climbed a tree. Out of the woods came a man with a riffle. But I was ready. I threw the silver thing, a bear trap at his evil brain. His rifle fell, Kisha and Roxie fetched it for me and Chef chased the man away. I took the little brown thing home, a baby bear. And with that I knew that no hunter was going to on trespass my property,

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