Once in a Blue Moon.

June 12, 2008
By Brianne Heavey, Jamestown, RI

It’s always the same. There are lots of trees, rushing by me at what seems like hundreds of miles per hour. The smells. There were so many, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I couldn’t control my breathing, it got heavier by the second, but it felt good. My face. It seemed so low to the ground. Like I was falling and running at the same time.
Impossible, I know.
Its seems like I go on forever. But then something extraordinary happens. The trees begin to clear and I stand in a leaf covered clearing, looking at the moon in all its glory. But it’s not just any moon. It’s the Blue Moon.

After standing there for what seems like forever, I wake up. I lay in my bed try to assure myself it’s only a dream. It’s hard to convince yourself that something that felt so real, was no more then a figment of your imagination.

On this particular morning I woke to the same notion. Only my chest hurt so much that I could have sworn I was hit by a truck the night before.
“Nick!” I heard my mothers voice call from the downstairs of our house. “Nick! You’re going to be late for work!”

I sighed, and then took a glance at the alarm clock on my bedside table. 7:43am, I was due into work by no later then eight. I quickly threw the comforter off of me and ran into my bathroom. I rummaged through the draw for my tooth brush and the paste. My chest still hurt and being out of bed didn’t help.

I stood erect in front of the mirror and noticed something. Not only did I feel as if I was hit by a truck the night before, but I looked like I was too. My dark brown hair was a ruffled mess my eyes were no longer green but a blood shot red. Under my eyes were huge bags. It looked as if I hadn’t slept in weeks. I began to brush my teeth, avoiding looking in the mirror. A sharp pain shot through my arm and I dropped the tooth brush on the floor.
Maybe I had been hit by a truck I though to myself as I picked the tooth brush back up.
I wasn’t going into work today. Not looking like the living dead.
I began to quietly creep down the stairs, hoping to just be able to grab the phone, call into work sick, and avoid my mother. No such luck. Standing at the bottom of the stairs phone in hand was my mother.
She gasped at the sight of me.“Nick! Whats wrong are you okay?”
I sighed “I’m Fine mom, just not feeling good. Probably flu or something. Can I have the phone to call into the ship yard?
She rushed over to me. “Do you have a fever?” she asked frantically placing her hands all over my face.
I smiled lightly. She worried so much. “No, Its fine, it’s just a cold or something.”
She pulled her eyebrows together “maybe I should call the doctor”
“Mom, I’m fine” I groaned.
She let out a little sigh. “Fine. Kyle’s sick too. He’s in his room. If you two get worse don’t tell me that I didn’t try and get you medical attention.”
I laughed. “Okay mom”
I wondered idly about what my brother’s symptoms were as I walked up the stairs. Hopefully, for him, they weren’t as bad as mine. My chest was worse. It felt like it was going to cave in at any second. I made my way to my room quickly.
I threw myself down onto my bed. It was still warm. The pain was making it so that I was having trouble breathing. I closed my eyes wanting it to stop, wanting the pain to go away.

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke to the sound of my phone vibrating on my bedside table.
I reached for it groggily. “Hello?” I croaked into the receiver.
“Hey man its Adam” said the voice on the other end “you don’t sound so good. You feeling okay?”
“I uh…I’m fine” I said taking a big breath of air. What ever was happening earlier was better. I felt like a million bucks
“Good” he said happily “wanna catch a movie?”
“Umm” I shot a glance at the clock again 8:29pm, it read. “Sure gimmie ten. Ill pick you up?
“Nah, I’ve got you tonight. Be there in fifteen though”
“All right see ya man”
I hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom, grabbing an outfit on the way. I looked into the mirror and to my complete surprise, I looked absolutely normal. No more bags under the eyes, no more wolf man hair, or living dead facial features.

Quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and ran downstairs.
The kitchen was empty. So I went into the living room. Sitting on the couch was my mother, arguing with my brother Kyle about something.
Kyle grinned upon seeing me “told you he was fine” he remarked
My mother sighed “fine you can go. But you have to be back by eleven”
Kyle got up and ran to my side. “Thanks bro” he said slapping me on the shoulder. “Ouch!” he exclaimed and myself and my mother both just looked at him
“He you been working out or something?” he asked waving his hand in the air frantically.
“Uh...No…” I said skeptically
He shrugged “Okay. What ever I need to go.”
“Yeah me too” I said turning my back to my already agitated mother.
“Wait both of you!” she yelled after us. “Nick where do you think your going?”
“To a movie with Adam” I stated simply.
“You were sick”
“Were being key there mom.” Kyle said from behind.
My mother shot him an evil glare. “Sorry” he mumbled looking slightly guilty.
“Oh whatever” she sighed “I give up, be back at a decent hour Nick”
I grinned. “Always mom”

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