June 9, 2008
By Brandon Muschlitz, Columbus, OH

Escape, it is my main priority. Here I am bound to my own mistake. Here caught in an innocent prison where I know I will soon die. I see nothing coming, nothing going, but I know the emptiness and peacefulness will not last long.

My instinct tells me to hurry, not making much sound, because if she hears me, she will come and kill me.

I twist and turn trying to come free of the mishap, which only causes me to be wound tighter in by lies. Now I begin to panic, moving around wildly, but this is what she wants. She wants me to become tired and weak, but now I am in a predicament. Shall I wait and store my energy, loosing precious time, or shall I panic and cry for help.
As these thoughts bestow me, I feel vibrations all throughout my body. She is coming for me. Panic I shall, but I am stuck. My small body has not enough strength and might to pull me off this invisible, silky web, of lies.

I think of how stupid I was and how smart she was. She spun her web out of the glistening sunshine, and right between the stems of two life bearing plants.

Again, I panic wrapping myself into a cocoon this time looking strait into the face of beady eyed death.

A white light flashes in front of my eyes and I find myself as a young larva being made fun of for my irregular shaped head. Then, another flash brings me to my first flying lesson, again being made fun of for my poor ability to fly. Yet another flash brings me to a few days ago, where I am being yelled at by my boss for not bringing back enough decomposing meat to keep the business going.

I am reunites with my poor life this time realizing that I am better off dying now instead of holding on to a horrible life.

Inches away, her face looms. There are fangs on either side of her mouth. Eight long hairy legs manage to make it across the delicate web, not even managing to stick like I did.

I say to myself that, my life will never affect the ever going cycle of life and death. Even a spider has to eat, even thought it gruesomely devours poor innocent insects while their alive.

It just goes to show that escape may not always be possible in lives like the fly, especially when tricks and traps are hidden everywhere.

I sink my head and await my fate.

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Mickey988 said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 10:16 pm
I thought your writing style, and use of words were really good. However, at times I thought it was confusing, and I didn't know what your point was.

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