Fifty Cents For My Heart

June 13, 2008
I had a dream last night. I was in a bowling alley. I had a lacy, red wine colored night gown on. I walked down the lanes. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't get any closer. I just kept walking as the line before me didn't get any shorter. I started running. My heart was beating fast. I stopped when I saw a snack machine. I walked over to it. In ten, neat little rows, there were hearts. They were all beating. I looked down to discover a hole in my chest. I look at the prices of the hearts. One million dollars for Cindy's heart. Twelve hundred for Nick's heart. I find my heart. Underneath it, in small, black, printed letters. It clearly stated,"$0.50". I took a step back. My life was worth fifty cents? I stood in shock. I put fifty cents into the machine and request F1. My heart rolled out. I grabbed it out of the machine. I placed it in my palm. There it was, bleeding in the palm of my hand. My fingertips drenched with my own blood. I took the heart and held it to my chest. The heart disappeared and so did the hole. I looked back at the machine. Something caught my eye. I bent down. There, a little heart, beating miraculously, was only a penny. I looked at the heart. That heart belonged to someone named Timmy. I put a penny in the slot. I grabbed Timmy's heart. I looked over my shoulder. A little boy, about the age of five, stood there staring at me oddly. He tugged at my gown. I bent down. He said,"Can I pweaze have my heart?" I looked at him for a moment. I handed him the heart. He smiled and turned and ran down the bowling lanes laughing. "Wait! Where are you going?!" I chased the little boy. Then, he went in a door. The door was a black and crimson. It had a star carved into it. I opened the door...then, I woke up.

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