June 14, 2008
By Kayleigh Mathey, Aix-En-Provence, ZZ

I was walking through a forest, it was night and I wasn't scared. But then I heard a roar and I screamed. I started running, branches whipping against me. I stumbled and tripped on a root. I cried out in pain. Looking up I saw a red and black dragon. It lashed out its claws at me, I raised my arms up in protection. I waited for pain, but none came. I peered at the beast through my hands. It was gone. And then I felt something warm and soft against my lips. I closed my eyes and reached my arms out at whoever was there. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I deepened the kiss. And then...

I pulled away, opened my eyes and was about to scream when a hand flew to my mouth, stopping me. I dived into blue waters. His eyes were shining in the darkness of my room. My own eyes adjusted to the black of my room. I gazed at him with startled eyes. I stayed calm, breathing deeply through my nose.

He didn't say anything, which disconcerted me. His hair melted into the shadows around him. And our shadows were dancing on the walls, shadows only made possible by the slivers of moonlight that passed through my curtains. Once he thought it was safe that I wouldn't scream he removed his hand. My lips suddenly felt cold, and lonely. The warmth was gone.

So I did the worst possible thing ever.

I leaned in toward him.

He backed away from me, jumping off the bed. But he didn't make any noise, no loud thumps from landing on the floor so brusquely. I wondered how this was possible.

"Why not?" I whispered.

He shook his head. Turning around, he put his shoes back on. I got out of bed and grabbed his muscular arm. He spun around and I lost my balance. He caught me. We were standing in a pose from some old musical movie in the fifties. You know.

When the couple dance and the guy lets the girl lean back, but he keeps a hand under her back, until she's almost touching the ground and then he leans in and kisses her.

I was a sucker for those movies.

Except he didn't kiss me. He pulled me upright. Looking down at me he shook his head again. And this time when he turned around to leave, I didn't stop him. I only whispered "please stay."

Before climbing down the tree by my balcony, he paused. It was just a second, but it was enough to convince me he had heard.

Who was he? Why had he come to my room in the middle of the night? Where did he come from? Did he love me? These questions spun around the room, rendering the room nothing but a haze to me. It had all been smoke and screens, and then sharpness had come.


Now it was all hazy again.

Nothing but dreams in the end.

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