June 20, 2012
Stupidity…that’s how I’m going to describe what you’ve done. I don’t understand your confusing actions. So I’m going to ask you one question, with several different ending…Why…? Why go back to her…? Why go back, when you know that she’s going to break your heart again? Why waste your time on someone who doesn’t completely love you, and you know we’d be perfect together, like to puzzle pieces, an exact match. I don’t understand the way your brain works. I can see it in your eyes that you know I’m right, but you’re afraid to admit it to her…or…yourself? It shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn’t be called stupidity. It should be you and I, happily together, because, baby, I love you too much to let you suffer this any longer. So please…just wake up from this stupidity. Let’s forget this ever happened so forever can start from the word go….

It’s your choice…happiness or stupidity?

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