June 8, 2008
By Allison Racicot, Auburn, MA

They stare into its looming red eyes, biting the insides of their cheeks. They’re locked in, and they can’t move forward for fear of monetary loss. The world is still moving without them; no one knows they’re missing. Some are put through various forms of torture. The air is hot and stifling, there’s no way to cool down. Could they suffocate? The truly unlucky ones are forced to listen to Michael Bolton’s greatest hits album on repeat. Fingers tap impatiently. No one will admit it, but the thought always crosses their minds: will they make it out alive? Or are they destined to stay here forever? Should they call loved ones and wish them well, tell them to never forget the times they had?

Any nervousness is washed away, though, when the beast’s red eyes turn green. A collective sigh of relief and the line of traffic starts to edge forward once again.

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