The Light

June 8, 2008
By Shannen Smith, Private, ZZ

I found myself unwanted in the area that I was in but yet some part of me didn’t want to go so as I anxiously walk deeper and deeper into the darkness I begin to feel great pain in my legs. I am pulled to a stop, I can’t move my muscle. I have just stopped what is happening here, I am stuck here unable to run or hide.

I try to pull me legs up but it is as though I am glued to the floor then suddenly I hear footsteps coming my way and strange noises I am trying even hard to brake free know but it is no use I am stuck and I have a bad feeling that what ever is coming my way is not friendly. Then every thing goes darker then it already is and I feel nothing like there is a pause in time then I see the smallest, tiniest bit of light finally I am free I run like the wind for the light but I can’t reach it what is this why can’t I reach it. It is like some sort of game that just keeps going that you get bored of and leave but it still doesn’t end forever continuing, never reaching the end, never making it, never.

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