A Modern love story

June 10, 2012
By LauraGriffin BRONZE, Co Donegal, Other
LauraGriffin BRONZE, Co Donegal, Other
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John’s sweaty palm held mine tightly as he pulled me stealthily to an exclusive, dimly lit corner. It contrasted greatly from the vivid lightning strikes of light, where the dance floor lay. There was eeriness about its solitude, which induced a suspicious intuition deep inside me. Firmly pushing me down on to a black sofa, John had an unearthly expression on his pale, lifeless face… He began to slowly lower his now trembling hand to his pants pocket…producing three little pills in the process…
As he thrust them into my unsuspecting hand, I began to show my first signs of being frightened. John’s broad frame and powerful limbs intimidated me greatly. I instinctively tried to back away from him but he grabbed my right arm and pinned it to the sofa. I released the constrictions of my fingers to expose the three oval shaped tablets which lay in my agitating palm. ‘’Sw…Sw….Swallow!’’. he muttered, struggling to release the words from his unwilling lips. I averted my gaze, and stared into his eyes, a wisp of his sandy blonde hair was draped across his forehead, his irises two pools of deep azure water, his pupils dilated into two enthralling black holes…This wasn’t the John I thought I knew….Nor was it the John I thought I loved…
I contemplated what I should do…If I were to swallow these pills, pills of an unknown identity to me, who knows what could happen…I knew what dangers they could bring, I knew I would probably become their victim…Yet if I endeavoured to escape John’s grasp he come become antagonistic and possibly hurt me. I pondered several conclusions, until I realised I had no choice in the matter. My opinion was obsolescent… John then, under intense duress, pried open my mouth and violently thrusted the pills down my throat.
Time went by so slowly now…I felt myself plummeting through a multi-coloured utopia. My worries had vanished, as had the ecstasy that I previously had in my hand. It had lured me into a place where I weighed nothing, I merely hovered along above the ground, floating without a care in the world I arose from the once eerie corner taking John through the enchanted forest of people that was the club…It seemed so much more vast now, the walls extending far, far away, the ceiling a starry night high above. The music drifted through my ears, enriching me with a sense of bewilderment… I could feel John’s fingers interlocked and intertwining with mine, as I continued to haul him towards the door, how could I have ever have been so angry with him, for it was he who had transported me into this realm of perfection, where nothing could ever harm us…
The cold air hit me like a stampede of elephants…Carrying away with it my feeling of security and my perfect world and substituting it with a sensation of jeopardy…The images which were previously filling me with pleasure and zeal had transformed and mutated, my hand was now saturated with anguish. Everything which surrounded me had become threatening, everything out to get me. Hatred welled up in my soul for John, how could he bring this pain upon me? Inertia was captivating my body and I abruptly collapsed to the cold, stone pavement. I remained conscious at first and could still make out John’s six foot physique as it towered over me…Then, darkness…
I opened my eyes and fixed them on the stars above me, they shone with such careless beauty. A sharp pain was radiating from my crown. Raising my hand to it, it throbbed furiously, it was lacerated and blood dampened my hand. I sat up with effort….’’John?’’, I called out quietly at first…only the faint sound of music from the club replied. ‘’JOHN?’’, I vociferated, but the vicinity had been annihilated. I tried to get up from the gelid, adamantine terrain on which I knelt in desperation. My vision was blurred with black hazes, my head pirouetted like a ballet dancer. I lurched forward towards the deserted street corner, only to find John….laying in a pool of blood, a knife lodged in his chest…His beautiful blue eyes cold….his blonde hair soaked crimson.

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