June 6, 2008
By Kayla McGeary, Allison Park, PA

The creation of art is the result of many influences. Who or what has most influenced your work?

Fluorescent light bulbs are the devil. They give off the most unnatural and artificial light: it weighs down the soul. The hum of a television and the drone of a radio makes my head fall into my hands. My eyes drag along the half finished canvas: the painting will take a couple more hours to complete. Waves of annoyance radiate from my eyes, to the paintbrush in my hand. Fatigue racks my body as my mind longs for sleep and my soft pillow.

Escape the lights. Where is my reprieve? My legs are too fast for my mind. They carry me outside in the middle of my backyard. Cold, wet grass on my feet sends a jolt of energy up my legs and through my body. My eyes adjust to the darkness. The myriad number of stars wink at me from their black back drop. Arms raised high, I take a deep breath. I begin to spin faster and faster. The stars dance above me. The circles of light form millions of halos above my head: I am at the center. Too fast, and too much light all at once. I attempt to slow down but I’m spinning too quickly.

A loud thump disturbs the night as I land heavily on the ground. Sharp pains up my back. Gazing up the whole world is moving in a slow circle: the ground quivers beneath me. Slowly the world becomes solid and I get up and walk back to the fluorescent lights. The painting stares at me, and I stare back. I smile; the lighting of the room doesn’t bother me. I carry other lights with me all the time. They are beautiful: and they are art.

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