Legend of Thundra: An Original Myth

June 21, 2012
By LivvySand BRONZE, Mascoutah, Illinois
LivvySand BRONZE, Mascoutah, Illinois
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A long time ago, in a forgotten land, lived the creator goddess, Sea of Stars, and the creator god, Light in the Sky. Both the creators loved each other very much, but Light in the Sky prized mortal women as while. In retort, Sea of Stars fell in love with the mortal king, Marlock. Together they had the hero, Rowlin, and the heroine, Thundra. Another king, Drugoon, tried to ruin Sea of Stars and Light in the Sky’s reputation. Marlock, in his love for both creators, challenged Drugoon to a duel. Marlock and Drugoon both met their ends to each other’s sword. In great sadness, Light in the Sky and Sea of Stars honored the noble king by immortalizing his name and promising that if his children exceled in great deeds that they will become a god and a goddess. Thundra and the Swift, Silver Stag tells a story of the importance of family and what some will do to protect the ones that they love.

Thundra and Rowlin were traveling from their birth place to the City of Pinesky in order pay their respects to their fallen father. Soon they stumbled upon a moor of great hunting, and decided to hunt and bring their kill to Pinesky as a gift. However they did not know that the plain belonged to Beastly, The Creature of the Moor. Before Rowlin and Thundra could begin, Beastly charged at them, knocking Thundra to the ground. Rowlin leaped on the monster in hope to save his sister. Beastly grabbed Rowlin and forced him to his knees. While Rowlin struggled to free himself, Beastly speared the boy’s shoulder with one of his sharp, poisoned finger rods. Thundra screamed with fury. She unhooked the knife from her belt and plunged it into the monster’s side. Beastly howled with agony and staggered away from the pair to find a safe place to die. But before he left, Beastly laughed in triumph for he knew at least one of the trespassers were doomed.

Meanwhile, Thundra hurried back to her brother who was wrenching in pain. Crying, Thundra held her brother’s hand and pressed her spare to his cheek. She silently wished herself in her brother’s place. Suddenly two women appeared beside the brother and sister. One woman had starry, jet black hair. The other lady styled a pixie hair-cut with a single feather attached to a headband. Thundra’s eyes opened wide with shock and recognition. The starry woman standing before her was her mother, Sea of Stars and the young girl was her half-sister, Feathers of the Wind. They told Thundra to find the swift, sliver stag in the woods of Birchwillow Forest. Once Thundra found the stag, she would have to slay it in order to take its antlers. Then Thundra must grind the antlers into a nice silver-white powder. The powder would then cure Rowlin’s infected wound, saving his life. To capture the stag, Sea of Stars gave Thundra a brilliant-webbed net. Also, Thundra received a mighty bow from Feathers of the Wind. Before Thundra left to find the silver stag, her mother and sister promised to protect Rowlin while she was away.

When Thundra reached the Birchwillow Forest, she tied the shiny net between two trees. Stepping back she was astonished to find that the net turned completely invisible to the unknown eye. Then Thundra walked deeper into the forest. Finally, Thundra spotted the breath-takingly beautiful animal. Reluctantly Thundra readied her bow. Suddenly, sensing the danger, the swift stag sprang away. Thundra let three arrows fly to scare the creature in the direction of the net. As she had planned, the silver stag caught itself in the inescapable web. As Thundra ran toward the fallen beast, her boots pounded against the ground creating the noise that would later be associated with thunder. A few feet away, Thundra stopped and with great sadness she let her last arrow fly toward the poor, defenseless animal. With tears streaming down her face, Thundra released the silver stag from its bonds, sawed off its antlers, and ground them into a powder. Thundra prepared to leave, but before she could take a step, a new stag emerged from the old. She then knotted the net into a chain and fastened it around the young stag’s head.

Thundra and the swift, silver stag journeyed back to Rowlin. Kneeling down, Thundra smoothed the powder into the wound. Thundra watched in awe as the injury’s poison slowly removed itself entirely from his skin. When Rowlin came to his feet, Thundra presented the swift, silver stag to him in gratitude for saving her. Rowlin and Thundra had many other adventures, sometimes together while others they completed themselves. But whatever happened both brother and sister remained the best of friends. Later when they joined the gods and goddesses, Thundra represented the goddess of hunting and thunder. Meanwhile Rowlin signified the god of protection and lighting. In addition, Rowlin’s symbol became the stag in honor of his sister and saver, Thundra.
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